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Online tutoring services designed to meet the needs of the students! It's so easy to find a specialized tutor in subjects you need help with. Choose Tutoreye to improve academically and get ready to ace the class.

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Connect with some of the best tutors around the world to get 24/7 homework help. Get step-by-step written assistance depending on your study needs. Set your own budget by discussing it with the tutor of your choice.


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Benefits of online Tutoring Services at TutorEye


Interactive Whiteboard

Our digital whiteboard equipped with audio-video-chat features is the best way to enjoy learning at home!

Whiteboard tutoring sessions help you voice your query instantly. What’s more, you can share files, upload textbook questions, draw diagrams and ask your tutor to review your homework. With Whiteboard learning - say ‘Yes’ to active learning today!

24 Hours

24/7 Tutor Availability

24/7 tutor availability assured at TutorEye matched to your learning style! Whether it’s morning or late at night, professional tutors in Math, Physics or English and many more are here for round the clock help. Schedule a session based on your need or opt for instant tutoring in case you are stuck with a difficult problem. Our expert tutors are happy to fit your schedule anytime of the day!

Study Globally

Lifetime Access to Session Recordings

You just bring the brain and we will take care of the rest. Are you ready to bring the lesson home? Whether you prefer your dorm room, home or a cafe, just make sure you have a wi-fi connection to start your session. Study anytime, anywhere by making the most of one-on-one live study sessions to get clarity on difficult topics. Choose a location of your convenience or wherever you feel most comfortable to begin learning.


Personalized to your needs

We provide one-on-one sessions with expert tutors to focus on your individual study needs. You are the one incharge and each session is designed according to your learning pace. Your tutor can tailor your curriculum so that it suits you. Our personalized tutoring sessions have helped thousands of students reach for better grades in the class. Besides, you have the liberty to address specific questions to help you gain much needed insights over a topic. Book your personalized doubt clearing session now!

Online tutor

Assistance from highly qualified tutors

Do you look for someone to help you with your homework in the middle of the night? Don’t worry, we have just the right tutor for you. Avail written help and we will work with you to help you rise to the challenge of writing assignments and doing daily homework. Our tutors are qualified professionals who can help you with your projects, term papers and homework questions. Review worksheets or get step-by-step explanations for the assigned work, whenever you need assistance. Master the skill set and complete your homework on time by partnering with us today!

Study Session

Help available in vast variety of subjects

Our tutors are subject specialists providing one-on-one tutoring sessions, for K-12 to the College level students.

We provide help with a wide array of subjects and are available 24/7 to help you with any topic - Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, English.


Each student has different learning preferences & styles.

Visual - Auditory - Reading/Writing - Kinesthetic

Our teachers alter their instruction to help students of each learning style.


Global presence but localized focus

By connecting our students with the best online tutors around the world, we tackle
the toughest academic questions in no time.

What students say about us?

98% of our students love us…

Alphonso Soe
Nov 30, 2021

Kehinde B is a professional tutor that treats his client with respect and dignity. He understands the subject matter. He makes clients feel comfortable by encouraging them to ask if it wasn't understood. His tolerance and professionalism make a perfect choice to be a tutor. I was a great deal of sense dealing with him. Looking forward to future work.

telam desrts
Nov 30, 2021

good work. clear and brief delivery.

Margaret Iwu
Nov 29, 2021

The real rating is a 4.5 soley due to the extra hour I waited but the tutor was great and understanding and did a good job aiding me in my exam

Gabriel Sharp
Nov 29, 2021

Great job. FIxed all the problems I had.

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From free live tutoring sessions taught weekly by subject-matter experts to discussion with
industry experts, there is a learning resource for everyone.

Leena Bakshi

Edtech discussion with Leena Bakshit


Edtech discussion with Michael Gibbin

Nathalie Fransec

Edtech discussion with Nathalie Francesca

Nathalie Fransec

Edtech discussion with Nathalie Francesca

Mental Health Webinar


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Derivative Webinar


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Algebra Webinar


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Stoichiometry Webinar


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Friction Webinar


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Linear Equation Webinar

Linear Equation

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Madhuri Varma Webinar


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