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a pail is used to fill the concrete in a mm x mm x mm concrete


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1.1.) A pail is used to fill the concrete in a 5000 mm x 3000 mm x 150 mm concrete ...

s Bedroom. The pail has an exterior diameter of 350 mm and interior 300 mm on the top while 200 mm exterior diameter x 150 mm interior diameter on its bottom. The pail has a height of 500 mm. Calculate the capacity of concrete the pail can hold and how many pails of concrete are needed to fill the concrete slab of the master’s bedroom? 2.) An Infinity pool that has a dimension of 10518 mm x 17880 mm x 1524 mm will be excavated; the height of the pool is ¼ above ground. If one small truck can hold 100 cu.ft of soil, how many truckloads of soil will be excavated?
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