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a rectangular field has an area of square feet its length and width are whole numbers of


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1.The GREY CUP (Canadian Football) is played on a rectangular field. The area (A, in m2) of the field ...

is given by the equation , where x is the width of the rectangle in metres. A= -x2 + 10x Make a table of values for this relation in the chart below.
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2. A rectangular field has an area of 60 square feet. Its length and width are whole numbers of ...

List ALL the possible combinations of length and width in a table. You want to enclose the field for a dog pen. You have only enough money to buy 50 feet or less of fencing. Complete your table with this information. Which possibility (or possibilities) of length and width will fit your budget?
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3.Zoe the goat is tied by a rope to one corner of a 15 meter-by-25 meter rectangular barn in the ...

e of a large grassy field.Over what area of the field can Zoe graze if the rope is: a) 12 meters long b) 22 meters long c) 28 meters long d) Zoe is happiest when she has at least 400 m2 to graze. What possible lengths of rope could be used? ( answer is an inequality)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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