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a ship is conned around a lighthouse on a submerged reef at a constant distance of nautical miles


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1.plss help me!! A navy ship observes an illigal boat 'd' miles away to it's West. If the boat travels at ...

s at a 'u' velocity towards the south , and it's given that the maximum velocity of the ship's canon is λu ( λ<1) and the max range they can be shot at is 'v', show that if λ^2 +(v/d)^2 <1 , 1) that the illigal boat can avoid any harm caused by the navy ship. ( use relative velocity triangles and geometry)​
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2.You design a triangular garden for a park. One side of the garden has a length 60 m and another ...

has length 80 m. This graph shows how the area of the garden is related to the length of the third side. a) Describe the relation ship between the length of the third side and the area of the garden b) How could you use the graph to decide what the length of the third side should be in each situation bb) you want the area of the garden to be 1500 metersquare bbb) you want the garden to have the maximum possible area
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3.An automated asteroid mining ship is traveling between two asteroids that are 1.5 x 106 km apart. The mining ship has a ...

he mining ship has a mass of 10,000 kg. The first rocket stage provides a thrust of 80 kN and is used over a distance of 100,000 km. The second rocket stage provides a thrust of 40 kN and is used over a distance of 200,000 km. The third rocket stage provides a thrust of 30 kN and is used over a distance of 400,000 km. 1) Calculate the final velocity of the rocket using two methods: a. Using the work-energy theorem. b. Using kinematics and Newton’s laws of motion. Hint: You might need to use the quadratic formula to solve for t: 2) Calculate the total amount of time it takes for the mining ship to reach the other asteroid. 3) If the ship has a reverse thruster that provides 200 kN of thrust, how many km before reaching the destination should the mining ship engage the reverse thrusters?
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4.Global Courier Services will ship your package based on how much it weighs and how far you are sending the ...

ng the package. Packages above 50 pounds will not be shipped. You need to write a program in C that calculates the shipping charge. The shipping rates are based on per 500 miles shipped. They are not pro-rated, i.e., 600 miles is the same rate as 900 miles or 1000 miles. Here are the shipping charges - Package Weight Rate per 500 miles shipped Less than or equal to 10 pounds $3.00 More than 10 pounds but less than or equal to 50 pounds $5.00 If the shipping distance is more than 1000 miles, there is an additional charge of $10 per package shipped.
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5.1, A ship is conned around a lighthouse on a submerged reef at a constant distance of 10 nautical miles. ...

les. Draw a neat diagram and find the distance between the instants when the lighthouse 040° T and 120° T. HINT: This is NOT a problem to be solved using cosine rule. Since the distance is constant, the ship will travel along the arc. You should therefore use radian measure to workout the distance along the arc. Also remember that all bearings are from seawards . 2, The length of a shadow of a vertical flag mast 2.5 meters high is 5.2 meters (shadow's length). Find the sun's altitude. 3, From a ship, a light on the edge of a breakwater bore 045° T . The ship was steering a course of 060° T. After travelling for 30 minutes, the same light bore 280° T and distance off 2.0 nautical miles. Find the speed of the vessel.
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