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a solve the equation x x for the positive root by iteration method b find the root of x x by


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1.Lucas’s commute to school is 2.5 hours. He takes the subway, operating at 70 km/h and then walks the rest ...

he rest of the way at 4m/h, if he travels 25 km in total to get to school. how far did he travel walking versus on the subway? define two variables and write a augen of equations to model this situation but don’t solve
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4.Hi. I have an aptitude test tomorrow at 11:30am for Ibew Local 98 (Electrical Union) and would like to know ...

to know a systematic solution to solving these types of problems that could appear on the test. I’ve never been subjected to this type of math or algebra before and it appears as though most of these types of problems are going to be on the test. Do you have any solutions or step-by-step methods on how to interpret and solve these problems? Thank you.
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6.3) Suppose that a piece of equipment produces steel pipes and malfunctions 5% of the time, if the next 4 ...

xt 4 tests are performed, find P(x=0), P(x=1), P(x=2),P(x=3) and P(x=4). SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 4) Use the confidence interval (99%) to solve the following question. A company is trying to establish the number of average amount of funds that are owed by its employees. They collect 1,000 accounts and found the sample average owed is $250 with a standard deviation of 10. Calculate the confidence interval (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 5) Use the t distribution formula and table to solve the following question. A random sample of 91 with a sample average of 90 and a standard deviation of 4.2 hours, calculate the confidence interval at 98% (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT) 6) A poll of 3,000 adults out of 5,500 was collected to found that they did not get a master’s degree. Calculate the confidence interval at 95%. (MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO GET CREDIT)
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7.Greetings. I need help asap when it comes to a computer science project that I have to get done soon. ...

. I'm really close to completing it and I'm really stuck on this one situation and I don't know how to solve it. So right now I'm making a guessing game and every time you play the program tells the user how many guesses it took for them to get the answer. And what I need to do is to make sure that I get and isolate the lowest amount of guess and put it into the statistics function so that way it can print out the lowest amount of guesses that I got. Right now it isn't working and I really don't know why as it seems to be mostly adding up all the guesses until the last few. Here's my code: #include #include #include #include void haiku(){ printf("Welcome to the game.\n"); printf("Guess a number within range.\n"); printf("Win cool prizes here.\n\n"); } int compare(int guessiso){ int lowestvalue=0; int biggervalue=0; if(guessisooperand){ printf("It's lower.\n"); count++; isolatedcount++; } else if(user0){ lowguess=compare(x); x=one_game(count); count=x; printf("Do you want to play again?\n"); scanf("%d",&usertwo); userthree=usertwo; gamecount++; } statistics(gamecount,x,lowguess); }
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8.Hi! I need help in solving a mathematical pattern problem. I am a teacher, and I am chagrined to admit ...

it that I am in the weeds with these. I can solve it up to completing the table. It's finding the rule that is a pain.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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