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1. The inert gases are midaco (Mi), diddee (Di), dayzee (Da), and elbon (E). Midaco (Mi) is a noble gas but ...

as but does not have 8 valence electrons. The highest energy level of elbon (E) is its second energy level. Of these noble gases, diddee (Di) has the greatest atomic mass. The alkali metals are sogo (So), zinn (Z), susu (Su), and squinto (Sq). Of these alkali metals, susu (Su) has the lowest atomic mass. Squinto is in the same period as diddee (Di). The halogens are pertca (Pe), plutania (Pl), and swipp (Sp). Plutania (Pl) is in the same period as squinto (Sq) and diddee (Di). The metalloids are yonon (Y), technaut (Tc), nutzat (Nu), and burnott (Bu). Burnott (Bu) is the metalloid with the highest atomic mass. Yonon (Y) is the metalloid with the lowest atomic mass. Technaut (Tc) and nutzat (Nu) are in the Group IV. Nu has more protons than Tc. The element called canz (Cz) is a metalloid by location but has properties that suggest it is a light metal. The most metallic element on this planet is called sogo (So). The most chemically active nonmetal on the planet is called pertca (Pe). The lightest element on the planet is called zoop (Zp). The heaviest element on this planet is odarla (Od). It is highly radioactive. The chemical makeup of the alien planet’s oceans seems to be about the same as Earth’s oceans. When seawater is distilled, the liquid that is boiled off and then condensed has been shown to have molecules consisting of two atoms of zoop (Zp) and one atom of Yubique (Yu). The solid left behind after the distillation consists mainly of a crystal made up of the elements zinn (Z) and swipp (Sp). Alfurr (A), uz (Uz), and yubique (Yu) all gain two electrons. Yubique is diatomic. Uz has a smaller atomic number than alfurr. The element blube (Bl) has only four protons in its atom. Burgham (Bg) is a black crystal and has four electrons in its outermost energy level. Both gurline (G) and bonji (Bo) have atoms with four energy levels, but gurline the less metallic of the two. Tozzie (To), hailen (H), and burnott (Bu) are all members of Group V. Hailen has fewer total electrons than tozzie. The element motana (M) tends to lose 3 electrons. The elements piddy (Pi) and klobb (Kl) both lose 2 electrons. Klobb loses them from its fifth energy level, while piddy loses them from its third.
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2.Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar (1 tsp) makes the medicine go down. Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are ...

nds are a girl’s best friend. So in other words, diamonds and sugar make everything better. What is the common denominator? Carbon! Carbon, under pressure for a long time, makes diamonds. Sugar is a carbon chain. So carbon is good! The Questions How many spoonfuls of sugar C12H22O11 will it take, under pressure for a very very long time, to create another Hope Diamond (45.52 carats)? How many moles of sugar is this? How many molecules of sugar is this? How many atoms of carbon is this? How many atoms of carbon make the medicine go down? Important Information A carat is equivalent to exactly 200 mg Sugar has a density of 1.59 g/cm3 A diamond is made entirely of carbon
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4.I understand that the basic levels of biological organization are: Atoms - Molecules - Cells - Tissue - Organs - ...

e - Organs - Organ systems - organisms - species ...etc... I also understand the chart for Matter being separated by either minute or substance a mixture of which can only either be homogeneous or heterogeneous and substances are either elements or compounds .... what I don't understand is where elements fit into the levels of biological organization and also ... if a compound is two or more elements then why is it a separate category under substances
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5.1) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 42.00 amu and II = 49.00 amu. If the percent ...

bundance of isotope I is (1.94x10^1)%, what would be the calculated atomic mass (in amu)? 2) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 78.00 amu and II = 84.00 amu. If the atomic mass of this element is found to be 80.33 amu, which isotope must be more abundant? 3) If the hypothetical polyatomic ion ThOM2- is called "thomite", what would be the formula and name of the acid formed by this ion? 4) How many atoms of hydrogen are there in a sample of (4.00x10^2) grams of NH3(g)? 5) How many O (oxygen) atoms are there in (6.40x10^2) grams of H3PO4? 6) How many moles of fluorine atoms are there in (5.80x10^2) grams of SF4? 7) When 3.50 g of titanium (Ti) reacts with oxygen, the resulting oxide compound weighs 5.84 g. What is the empirical formula of this oxide? 8) How many moles of molecules are there in (6.70x10^2) grams of CH4? 9) A chemical is found to be 80.0% C and the rest is H. If the molar mass of this chemical is known to be 90.2 g/mol, what is the molecular formula?
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