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b a kg vehicle crashes into an immovable object at m s it takes s to stop


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1.Person A and person B is carrying a sheet with bricks on it the bricks mass is 40 kg and ...

nter is 1.5 m away from person A (the sheet's mass is 10 kg and it is 7.6 m long ) If person B is 2m away from on side of the sheet while person A is 1 m away from the other side . Calculate the force that person A & person B effects the sheet with A. PerA 189.5N ,PerB 300.5N B. PerA 189.5N ,PerB 679.5N C. PerA 68.2N ,PerB 300.5N
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2.Two people objects are moving downward at a speed of 3 cm/s. Object A has a mass of 2 kg ...

B has a mass of 1 kg. You want both objects to move to the left at a speed of 3 cm/s. 1. In what direction (or directions) should you exert the forces that will make the desired change?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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