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1.Solution gas drive oil reservoirs experience greater recovery efficiency than undersaturated reservoirs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of ...

irs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of this behavior. Consider the expansion of methane from 300 bars to 50 bars at a constant temperature of 40 C (313 K). Methane obeys the following equation of state V =(RT/P)+C+(D/T) where C = 31 cm3/mol, D = -693cm3K/mole, and R = 83.14bar cm3/mole K. Note that the units of energy are bar-cm3/mole in this problem. Report your answer in bar-cm3/mole (a) What is the change in enthalpy during the expansion (b) What is the change in internal energy? (c) What is the heat removed? (d) How much work does the system do during the expansion?
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2.C.1377. How many 6-digit cube-numbers are there? C.1378. Somebody calculated the exact values of and in the decimal system. ...

and in the decimal system. How many digits are there in these two numbers all together? C.1379. Alex and Burt took their rabbits to a whole salesman to sell them to him at once. Each of them got as many dollars for each of their rabbits as many as the rabbits they each took to him. But, because their rabbits were so beautiful, they each got as many extra dollars for their rabbits from the salesman as many as the rabbits they each sold him. This way Alex received $202 more than Burt. How many rabbits did they each sell to the salesman? C.1380. How many {a, b, c} sets are there containing three positive whole elements, where the product of a, b, and c is 2310? C.1381. Let a, b, c, and d be different digits. Find their values so that the following sum has the least possible number of divisors, but the sum itself is the greatest possible. C.1382. Fill in a 25×25 grid by using the numbers +1 and -1. Create the products of the 25 numbers in each column and in each row. Could the sum of these 50 numbers be: a) 0 b) 10 c) 17? C.1383. Is there such a triangle in which the heights are 1, 2, and 3 units long? C.1384. You put a plain on each side of a regular, square-based pyramid. How many sections do these 5 planes divide the space?
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5.This is my lab on optical isomers and crystal field theory. I need help answering these post lab questions: Based on ...

stions: Based on the energies you found in c and d, which of these complexes has the largest predicted splitting between the t2g orbitals and the eg orbital. Remember--not every element has occupied d-orbitals. How is that going to impact your next answers? Which one would absorb the longer wavelength of light? Explain why. Transition metal complexes are often vibrantly colored due to the splitting of the d-orbitals caused by the ligands. Based on your results would you expect that both of these complexes have any significant color? Explain.
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6.1. Using the classical model, suppose Investment demand rises Explain (don’t just tell) how each of the following would change, ...

f the following would change, if at all. A. Private saving (Y – T – C) B. National savings (Y – C – G) C. Real interest rates D. Equilibrium Investment spending
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7.1. Which visual representation is false? * A B Option 4 2. Choose the pair of numbers √15 is between. * A B D 3. Which shows the ...

etween. * A B D 3. Which shows the following numbers in order from least to greatest? * B C D 4. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A B D 5. Which point on the number line best represents √3? * A B C For question 6 and 7, write each number in either scientific notation or standard notation. 6. The diameter of Mercury is 4879 kilometers. * 7. The diameter of a bacterial cell called a mycoplasma is about 2 x 10-7 meter. * 8. In which group are the numbers in order from greatest to least? * B C D 9. Greg found the length of a hypotenuse of a right triangle to be √90 feet. Between which two integers does √90 lie? * A B C 10. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A C D 11. The water levels of five Texas lakes were measured on the same day in 2010. The table below shows the number of feet above or below normal level for each lake. Which list shows the numbers in the table from greatest to least? * B C D 12. Which numbers from this list are less than -0.94? * B C D 13. The length of a micrometer is approximately 0.00003937 inch. How would you express this in scientific notation? * A B C 14. The National Park Service manages approximately 84,000,000 acres of federal land. How would you express this number using scientific notation? * B C D 15. Seismosaurus is the longest known dinosaur. It measured 1800 inches. How far would 3000 Seismosaurus dinosaurs span if they were placed head to tail? Write your answer in scientific notation. *
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8.Hi there, I've been struggling with the problem for quite a while and i have not been able to find ...

formula online to help.. It should be a simple straightforward problem but i just can not for the life of me figure it out. are you able to provide me with a formula or point me in the right direction? The problem is: Solution A has a 50% concentration Solution B has a 100% concentration Solution C has a 5% concentration you have 5L of each solution to utilize as well as unlimited quantities of water to dilute solution concentrations if needed. Part A Make a final solution of 100ml with solution concentrations of Solution A 15%, solution C 5% and solution C 80%. how much of each solution will you need to make your final 100ml solution? Part B using the above solutions how many 100ml final solutions can you produce with the 5L volumes? No matter how I work it i can't make the solution to the correct concentrations. Thank you for your help. John
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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