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1.Andrei has two assignments to finish for English class. The probability that he finishes the first assignment is 80%. If he ...

assignment is 80%. If he finishes the first assignment, the probability that he finishes the 2nd assignment is 40%. If he does not finish the first assignment, the probability that he finishes the 2nd assignment is 70%. Find the probability that he finishes at least one assignment. Include a modified probability tree diagram with your answer. Round to two decimal places.
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3.Criteria for evaluation can change depending on the times, circumstance, and most importantly, with audience. This assignment will focus ...

audience. This assignment will focus on how criteria can change and how you need to tailor your essay to these changing audiences. In good times, people may want homes with soaring entryways, lots of space and premium appliances. In tougher times, they may care more about efficient use of space, quality insulation, and energy efficient appliances. When gas prices are low, people love to buy SUVs and trucks, but when gas prices get higher, they prefer hybrid cars with good fuel efficiency. Think of two scenarios, much like the ones above, where different audiences or different times create different criteria for evaluation. For example, what impact might global warming have on the way we determine desirable places to live or vacation? How might a changing economy change the way we view successful careers? If people across the globe continue to put on weight, how might standards of beauty change? Si i have this assignment for English I just don't understand it here is the assignment: Explore two scenarios in which change might revise customary values and standards for evaluation. Each scenario should be a paragraph of at least 100 words in length.
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4.I need help with my English Assignment listed below: Paper 2 question 5 “Prison is a waste of time: it’s like home ...

f time: it’s like home from home and is no punishment at all!” Write an article for a broadsheet newspaper explaining your views on this statement. (24 marks for content and organisation 16 marks for technical accuracy) [40 marks]
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5.Hello! I am one academic English credit short of completing my high school education. I am taking this course online ...

g this course online so there is no teacher present. Although I do not use these as excuses against myself, I am diagnosed with ADD and CAPS, which makes it difficult for me to learn without a receiving a little help from someone. I have two assignments due every Tuesday evening until June 13th of this year. I would just need some assistance with understanding my assignment criteria and perhaps ways to help focus on key components. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Janie.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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