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2.I have a math question to be solved. : A total of 40 students from Sri Rahmat School , 32 students ...

from Gading School and 48 students from Desa Damai School are selected to represent their respective schools in participating in an international camp during the upcoming school holidays . Encik Amir wants to form a few groups according to the following terms. . The number of members in each group is the same . The number of students from each school in a group is the same Question : How will Encik Amir form the group ? What is the number of students of each school in each group that he forms ?
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5.I am in an online introduction to contemporary math class and need help with this week's assingments that are due ...

that are due tomorrow. There are 13 questions. Attached are images of homework question examples. I haven't used this site before, but after this assignment I am looking for weekly help for the rest of the semester. Thank you.
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6.I am stuck in a math problem (calculus related rates) and have been stuck for a while. (I’ve been working ...

working on it since Friday) As it is reading break I doubt that I can cnotact my teacher before it is due. The question is as following: A light shines from the top of a pole that is 20 meters high. A ball is falling 10 meters away from the pole, casting a shadow on a building that is 30 meters away. When the ball is 25 meters from the ground it is falling at a speed of 6 meters per second. How fast is the shadow moving? side note: from left to right it goes lamp, falling ball, wall with shadow.
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7.Hi, I have one question on my math homework that I can't seem to figure out. Please help me! Here ...

is Imagine that in the voting for a certain​ award, 7 points are awarded for first​ place, 4 points for​ second, 3 points for​ third, 2 points for​ fourth, and 1 point for fifth. Suppose there were five candidates​ (A, B,​ C, D, and​ E) and 47 voters. When the points were​ tallied, A had 155 ​points, B had 173 ​points, C had 170 ​points, and D had 154 points. Find how many points E had and give the ranking of the candidates.​ (Hint: Each of the 47 ballots hands out a fixed number of points. Figure out how​ many, and take it from​ there.)
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8.i'm a non english speaking person interested in college math i'm not a student , just an hobbyist i' wonder if some ...

i' wonder if some one can help me to explain the hyperbolic metric ds^2 = \frac{(dx^1)^2 + (dx^2)^2}{R^2 - (x^1+x^2)^2} in many textbooks this metric is given as a definition. But i want to know why it seems to me that some calculation is "behind" this formulae. and that is my question
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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