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1.(1) The claim by a weight loss Company is that on average, the client will lose 10 pounds over ...

first 2 weeks. 50 people who joined the programme are sampled, their weight loss is 9 pounds with a standard deviation of 2.8 pounds. Can we conclude at the .05 level that a person joining the programme will lose less than 10 pounds? (2) The following is a random sample of 90-day futures prices in dollars for 1 troy oz. of silver from The Wall Street Journal issues in May and June of 1997: 4.74, 4.77, 4.87, 4.91, 4.83, 4.72, 4.92, 4.86, 4.97, 4.71, 4.90, 4.93, 4.75, 4.88, 4.79, 4.83, 4.89. Required: a. Calculate the mean b. Median c. Standard deviation of the 90-day future price of silver data (3) A mining company needs to estimate the average amount of copper ore per ton mined. A random sample of 50 tons gives a sample mean of 146,75 pounds. The population standard deviation is assumed to be 35.2 pounds. Required: a. Give a 95% confidence interval for the average amount of copper in the population of tons mined. b. Give a 90% confidence interval for the average amount of coper per ton c. Give a 99% confidence interval for the average amount of coper per ton (4) An e-commerce Website gets 2,385 visitors on a particular day. Among these, 1790 visitors explore the products by looking at more pages at the site. Among these 1790 visitors who explore the products, 387 make a purchase. Required: a. If a visitor chosen at random from all those who visited the site, what is the probability that the visitor explored the products b. If a visitor is chosen at random from all those who visited the site, what is the probability that the visitor made a purchase. c. If a visitor is chosen at random from all those who explored the products, what is the probability that the visitor made a purchase. d. Which of the preceding three probabilities is relevant to the design of the home page that leads to product page.
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2.You decide to invest in stock in a particular kind of company and set the guideline that you will only ...

ly buy stock in companies that are ranked in the 80thpercentile or above in terms of dividends paid in the previous year. You are looking at a company that ranked 5 of 70 companies that paid dividends in 2019. a. Will this company qualify for your portfolio? b. If you had the data on the total dividends paid by each of the 70 companies, which measure of average would be the most meaningful –mean, median, midrange, or mode? Explain
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3.Hi, i have a task where i need to calculate the 3 months weighted moving average for May 2021, The ...

eight should be based on the count of sales for the previous period, the actual period and the next period. In the excel you can see the housing data: period(month) sum of prices(K) sum of the asses value(T) K/T value (sum of prices/sum of the asses value) The answer i'm looking for is that for May 2021 the price development in percentage should be 9.5% compared to three month back. To calculate the price development you just divide the K/T value, for example: period 1 K/T value = 1.4 period 4 K/T value = 1.9 Price development = (1.9/1.4)-1 = 35.7% increase. So i want to see 9.5% increase on May 2021 compared to 3 months earlier.
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4.1. Estimate a second stage (also called the stable stage) growth rate in dividends, g2, for use in the Two-Stage ...

he Two-Stage DDM. Your estimate for g2 is the growth rate that you expect will continue “forever” in the second stage. Your estimate for g2 should not be much greater than the expected future growth in the overall economy (expected growth in GDP). Why? LIST your estimate for g2 and provide a short paragraph that EXPLAINS your reasoning AND the source of your estimate for long-term growth in GDP. Finally, estimate and LIST a price per share for KO using your estimates for g1, N, Re, g2 and KO’s current annual dividend (most recent quarterly dividend x 4) as D(0) in the Two-Stage DDM (submit your spreadsheet). 2. Calculate KO’s FCFF for EACH of the past five (5) years using the financial statement data found in KO’s annual reports and using the FCFFM.xls template. The template will calculate the annual FCFF value for you, but you MUST insert the correct input values for Depreciation & Amortization, Capital Investment, Capital Sales, etc. 3. Assume that the average annual FCFF from Q5 is good estimate of KO’s FCFF(0) for use in the FCFM. LIST your estimate for FCFF(0) then estimate and LIST a price per share for KO using your estimates for g1, N, WACC, g2 and FCFF(0) in the Two-Stage FCFFM (submit your spreadsheet).Use the same estimate second stage or stable stage growth, g2, in the FCFFM that you selected for the DDM. 4. Apply Relative Valuation methods to Coca-Cola (KO) using the following three (3) popular relative valuation ratios - Price/Earnings, Price/Book, Price/Sales (call these three ratios Price/”X” ratios). Select at least five (5) comparable firms that are in the same industry as KO and use the average P/X ratio for the group of comparable firms in your valuation analysis. The P/X ratios for the template can be found by using the screener on the Finviz.comwebsite. Use the Relative Valuation (RV) Excel spreadsheet tab found in the Two Stage_DDM_FCFE_FCFF_RV.xlsx file.
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5.According to Gallup, about 35% of Americans polled said they frequently feel stressed in their daily lives. Suppose you are ...

lives. Suppose you are in class of 52 students. A) what is the probability that over 13 students experience stress B) if 23 students in the class said they felt stress in their daily lives would you be surprised Suppose the average ACT score for students taking the test in Illinois is in 2003 was 21.8 with a standard deviation of 3.85. What is the probability that 32 randomly selected students from that state average under 23 on the ACT that year?
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6.Question 1 the population of a city was 67,000 people in 1990, and has grown exponentially at an average rate of ...

average rate of 1.1% since then, how many years later would the population arrive at 102.000 people? Give your answer as a number only, to the nearest tenths Question 3 In a bag containing 5 red, 2 blue, 8 clear, and 1 purple marble, what is the probability of picking a blue marble, then without replacement, choosing a red marble on the second pick? (Leave in simplified fraction form.] Question 11 Poaching is causing a population of elephants to decline by 6% per year. Determine how many elephants remain in 76 years if there are 13,365 elephants today. Round to the nearest whole number.
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7.A block of mass 9.00 kg, moving on a horizontal frictionless surface with a speed 4.20 m/s, makes a perfectly ...

perfectly elastic collision with a block of mass M at rest. After the collision, the 9.00 kg block recoils with a speed of 0.400 m/s. In the diagram below, the blocks remain in contact for 0.18 seconds. Find the magnitude of the average force ( in Newtons) exerted on the 9.00 -kg block, while the two blocks are in contact.
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8.Dump Tower is 86 stories tall. A small, massive object is dropped over the side of the roof of the ...

ower and accelerates toward the ground. The gravitational field strength on the planet housing Dump Tower is 7.46 N/kg. You will start tracking the object when it has fallen 13 stories and you will stop tracking it when it has fallen 60 stories. Each story of this tower is 3.21 meters tall. How many milliseconds will you be tracking your object and what will be its average speed during the time you were tracking it?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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