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1.J-Unit testing assignment in eclipse. The J-Unit test class is already given, the classes and interfaces have to be derived ...

rfaces have to be derived from it. And it also involves creating methods in those derived classes. And then running the J-Unit test to see if it will pass all the cases giving you green bar. We are also required create some J-Unit cases of our own. More Info attached in the PDF document only 5 pages worth of info. And the source file with the J-Unit class and Model package where all the classes should be added are attached.
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3.My son‘IQ is 132. He attended the 4th grade only a couple of weeks before jumping up to the 5th ...

ade. Now he is a middle school student, 6th grader. I need a tutor experienced to handle smart students like him and help him: * gain fun and inspire creativity and enthusiasm out of whatever subject he is eager to learn * study math following khan academy or the similar systematically with a syllabus, * make progress/improvements demonstrable through regular testing results and etc * study python coding or the similar. Use fun programs appropriate for children * or study chess Prefer a fixed schedule every week in the US. Eastern afternoon.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics