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1.The equation of a helix is x=2 sin 2t, y=2 cos 2t, z=3t. a) Find the arc length s ...

an arbitrary point (2 sin 2t, 2 cos 2t, 3t) on the helix. b) Compute the arc length from (0,2,0) to (0,-2,3π/2) c) Compute the vectors T, N and B at (0,-2,3π/2) d) Compute the curvature at (0,-2,3π/2) e) Find the angle between T and the z-axis at (0,-2,3π/2) to the nearest tenth of a degree.
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2.Draw an Epicycloid graph based on the given integer values of s, a, b, and n, where b cannot be ...

onnect a line between every two consecutive points (xi, yi) and (xi+1, yi+1), where 0 <= i <= n. xi = s * ((a + b) * cos (i * PI) - b * cos ((a + b) / b * i * PI)) yi = s * ((a + b) * sin (i * PI) - b * sin ((a + b) / b * i * PI)) Verify with s = 10, a = 19, b = 5, n = 1000 to get this displayed result. Note that the sin and cos trigonometry functions accept a radiant value not angle. For example, 30 degree should be replaced with PI/180*30 instead. Moreover, the divisions inside the functions need to be kept in double not int precision in order to render a correct result.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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