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1.While waiting for his daughter to finish ballet, dr Pat was standing on balcony at the top of the Edmonds ...

monds Library. As he was watching the beautiful sunset, he noticed that Mt. Olympus was at an angle of approximately 90.006 degrees, west of north. (aka: start looking north, then rotate towards the western direction by 90.006 degrees.) Then, dr Pat moved 30 feet along the balcony towards the north. The angle towards Mt. Olympus was 89.988 degrees west of north. Determine how far Mt. Olympus is from dr Pat's first location on the balcony to the nearest mile.
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2.I have a paper that is already too long depending on formatting (2 pages max), but I think I haven't ...

addressed everything I'm required to, so I need help condensing what I have and deciding whether there are key parts missing that I will need to add. I don't exactly need help writing, but help shortening what I've written and deciding whether or not to write more. I think the first step to getting this done is looking at the writing prompt and my essay and confirming which things I have already addressed sufficiently and which things are missing or incomplete. Level of detail/clarity, flow, and transitions would probably be the second step. "Level of detail" is where I can hopefully shorten some parts while still sufficiently addressing what I need to. But if you think a different approach or order is good, please let me know.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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