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3.An object of mass m1 is moving on a frictionless surface with a certain speed has a kinetic energy of ...

f 0.0124 J. The object collides with a horizontal spring and compresses it by 0.800 m before it is brought to rest momentarily. What is the spring constant of this spring? When the spring was compressed to 0.800 m, is the work done on the mass m1 by the spring positive, zero, or negative?
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4.Solution gas drive oil reservoirs experience greater recovery efficiency than undersaturated reservoirs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of ...

irs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of this behavior. Consider the expansion of methane from 300 bars to 50 bars at a constant temperature of 40 C (313 K). Methane obeys the following equation of state V =(RT/P)+C+(D/T) where C = 31 cm3/mol, D = -693cm3K/mole, and R = 83.14bar cm3/mole K. Note that the units of energy are bar-cm3/mole in this problem. Report your answer in bar-cm3/mole (a) What is the change in enthalpy during the expansion (b) What is the change in internal energy? (c) What is the heat removed? (d) How much work does the system do during the expansion?
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5. If a system has 35.5 J of heat added to it, and the system does 75.5 J of work ...

what is the change in the internal energy of the system, in J?
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6.What minimum laboratory speed would an electron/positron pair need in order to form an Upsilon(4s) meson (mass of 10.58 GeV) ...

eson (mass of 10.58 GeV) upon collision? You may assume they each have the same speed(half of the necessary energy to make a single meson) and express it as a percentage of c, or simply as β. Be sure to include a value of gamma in your work in the case that your calculator doesn’t have the precision to give a β≠1.
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8.A 4.0-kg block is lowered down a 37° incline a distance of 5.0 m from point A to point B. ...

tal force (F = 10 N) is applied to the block between A and B as shown in the figure. The kinetic energy of the block at A is 10 J and at B it is 20 J. How much work is done on the block by the force of friction between A and B?
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