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1.The regression specified for private investment is I = α1 + α2 Y + α3 CRD + u . The ...

estimating the regression are presented below. The sample covers the annual series spanning from 1981-2018. Î1 = 2.4 + 0.75 Y1 + 0.45 CRD1 (1.02) (0.26) (0.12) R2 = 0.78 D-W-d= 1.15 where I, Y and represent real private investment, real GDP and real credits respectively. a) Suppose you would like to perform the test for the first order autocorrelation using the LM type test technique. Define the auxiliary regression to this end. Also suppose you found R-squared from the auxiliary regression to be 0.62, perform the LM test for the first order autocorrelation b)Suppose you confirmed that there is a first order autocorrelation problem in the error term, show how you use the GLS (Cochrane-Orchutt two step method) method to overcome the problem
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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