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3.Show that the force field vec F =(2xy-4- 1 2 sin( x 2 )sin( y 2 )) hat i +(x^ 2 + 1 2 cos( ...

cos( x 2 )cos( y 2 )) hat j is conservative and obtain the potential function. Evaluate the work done by vec F in moving a particle along the curve C which is the portion of the circle centered at origin with radius 2 in the first quadrant with counter clockwise orientation, without using line integrals.
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4.1. One popular definition of economics is a). How firms maximize profits. b). How consumers maximize utility. c). The use of scarce ...

aximize utility. c). The use of scarce resources to satisfy our wants. d). The use of fiscal and monetary policies to achieve economic outcomes. Flag question: Question 2 Question 21 pts 2. In a capitalist economy a). The government plays the dominant role. b). Market forces coordinate most production activities. c). The prices of most goods and services are set by the government. d). All of the above are correct. Flag question: Question 3 Question 31 pts 3. In a capitalist economy a). Most producers are driven by the desire to make profit. b). The government regulates most economic activities. c). Foreigners play no role in the economy. d). The output of most goods are planned. Flag question: Question 4 Question 41 pts 4. In drawing the graph of two variables that are related a). The Y variable goes on the horizontal axis. b). The X variable goes on the vertical axis. c). The independent variable goes on the vertical axis. d). In most cases the dependent variable goes on the vertical axis.
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6.In Andrew’s Furniture Shop, he assembles both bookcases and TV stands. Each type of furniture takes him about the same ...

s him about the same time to assemble. He figures he has time to make at most 18 pieces of furniture by this Saturday. The materials for each bookcase cost him $20.00 and the materials for each TV stand cost him $40.00. He has $600.00 to spend on materials. Andrew makes a profit of $60.00 on each bookcase and a profit of $100.00 for each TV stand. Find how many of each piece of furniture Andrew should make so that he maximizes his profit. Using the information in the problem, write the constraints. Let x represent number of bookcases, and y represent number of TV stands.
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7. Proof by cases: Let x and y be two integers that are divisible by 4, and z be an ...

t divisible by 4. Then the sum of x, y, and z cannot be divisible by 4.
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8.En el centro comercial Read the paragraph and write the preterite forms of the verbs in parenthesis in the blanks. You ...

in the blanks. You should conjugate the verbs. Since you can not use accent marks in Brightspace, use a capital letter to indicate the position of the accent mark. For example: mamá======> mamA. Ayer fue un día muy especial. En la mañana mi mamá y yo fuimos (went) al centro comercial. Las tiendas___________1 (abrir) a las 10 de la mañana. Nosotras_____________2. (tomar) café y ______________ 3. (comer) el desayuno primero. Yo____________4. (visitar) muchas tiendas de zapatos y ropa. Mi mamá _______________ 5. (buscar) un regalo para el cumpleaños de mi hermano Jorge. Yo ___________6. (ver) vestidos muy bonitos pero muy caros. Finalmente yo ____________7. (comprar) una blusa blanca y una falda gris. Yo __________ 8. (gastar) todo el dinero que yo ______________ 9. (recibir) para mi cumpleaños. A las 6 de la tarde nosotras ____________ 10. (volver) a casa muy cansadas.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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