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A an employee is working days a week from monday to saturday assume the


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1.A- An employee is working 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Assume the ...

he employee is double after 40 hours. The following Table shows his working hours. (7 points) a) Complete the table below (Show your work) M T W Th F Sa Total Hours Regular Hours Overtime Hours Regular Rate Overtime Rate 12hr 12hr 10hr 10hr 10hr 2 hr 56 40 16 $ 15.50 $ 23.25
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2.Company XYZ has 97 employees. 31 Of the employees are vegetarian, 36 of the employees owns a Nissan Leaf and ...

Leaf and 6 of the employees are vegetarian and own a Nissan Leaf. If you randomly select an employee from company XYZ, what is the probability that the employee is vegetarian or that she/he owns a Nissan Leaf?
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3. The Indigo Insurance Company is a large company based in Melbourne. Several years ago, an email survey of all their ...

survey of all their employees found that employees were required to respond to an average of 50 work-related emails per week with a standard deviation of 1.5 emails per week. However, an employee advocacy group believes the average number of work-related emails Indigo Insurance Company employees are now required to respond to is more than 50 emails per week. To investigate this further, the employee advocacy group took a random sample of 20 staff employed by Indigo Insurance Company during the second week of March 2018,and asked these employees to record the number of work-related emails to which they were required to respond. (b). What does the highlighted section of the distribution in Figure 1 represent? (c). The random sample of 20 employees of Indigo Insurance Company taken by the employee advocacy group turned out to have a mean of 50.8 work-related emails to respond to in that week. Does this sample look like it belongs to the sampling distribution displayed in Figure 1? Justify your answer. (d). Given the sample was randomly selected and that the number of work-related emails each employee was required to respond to was recorded accurately, what conclusion can we reach from part (c)? To answer questions (b) to (d), consider the sampling distribution shown in Figure 1.
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