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1.A representative sample of adults in a state found that 37 out of 100 supported an increase in the state ...

tate sales tax. If the state’s population includes about 2,000,000 adults, what is the best estimate for the number of adults in the state who would support the tax increase? A 20,000 B 74,000 c 800,000 D 1,000,000
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2.Given the scheme R= (ABCDEF), and following set of functional dependencies: F = (AB®C, C®A, BC®D, ACD®B, D®EF, BE®C, CF®BD, CE ...

, ACD®B, D®EF, BE®C, CF®BD, CE ®AF). (a) Find (BD)+ (b) Find (AB)+ (c) Find Candidate Keys for R Question 3 Given the scheme R= (ABC), and following set of functional dependencies: F = (A®BC, B® AC, C ® AB). (a) Find closure (BC, F) (b) Find at least one candidate key for R. (c) Find at least one super-key for R which is not the same as your answer in (b). (d) Find at least one minimal cover for a relational scheme (ABC). Show work. (e) Provide a 3NF decomposition for R. Question 4 Consider the following set of FDs: F = (A ® B, AB ® C, D ® AC, D ® E) G = (A ® BC, D ® AE) H = (A ® BC, B ® C, A ® B, AB ® C, AC ® D). (a) Is F ≡ G? Show your work. (b) Find the minimal cover for H. Show work.
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3.1. Which visual representation is false? * A B Option 4 2. Choose the pair of numbers √15 is between. * A B D 3. Which shows the ...

etween. * A B D 3. Which shows the following numbers in order from least to greatest? * B C D 4. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A B D 5. Which point on the number line best represents √3? * A B C For question 6 and 7, write each number in either scientific notation or standard notation. 6. The diameter of Mercury is 4879 kilometers. * 7. The diameter of a bacterial cell called a mycoplasma is about 2 x 10-7 meter. * 8. In which group are the numbers in order from greatest to least? * B C D 9. Greg found the length of a hypotenuse of a right triangle to be √90 feet. Between which two integers does √90 lie? * A B C 10. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A C D 11. The water levels of five Texas lakes were measured on the same day in 2010. The table below shows the number of feet above or below normal level for each lake. Which list shows the numbers in the table from greatest to least? * B C D 12. Which numbers from this list are less than -0.94? * B C D 13. The length of a micrometer is approximately 0.00003937 inch. How would you express this in scientific notation? * A B C 14. The National Park Service manages approximately 84,000,000 acres of federal land. How would you express this number using scientific notation? * B C D 15. Seismosaurus is the longest known dinosaur. It measured 1800 inches. How far would 3000 Seismosaurus dinosaurs span if they were placed head to tail? Write your answer in scientific notation. *
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4.A cellphone company offers four choices for purchasing talk time. Which of the following has the lowest cost per minute? a 200 ...

west cost per minute? a 200 minutes for $24.50 b 550 minutes for $68.00 c 700 minutes for $80.25 d 850 minutes for $99.50
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5.For the utility function U(x1,x2)=x1x2 which of the following statements is true if consumption of both commodities is strictly positive ...

oth commodities is strictly positive a idc are convex but not strictly convex b the bundle (5,6) is weakly preferred to the bundle (3,10) c commodity 2 is inferior d commodity 1 is a giffen good e none of the above
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6.A landscape architect designs a flower bed that is a quadrilateral, as shown in the figure. The plans call for ...

s call for a light to be placed at the midpoint of the longest side of the flower bed. The architect decides to change the location of the flower bed using the transformation (x, y) arrowright (x, −y). Describe the location of the light in the transformed flower bed. Use coordinate notation to input the points.The coordinates of the transformed flowerbed are: A (−2, 3) arrowright A ′ B (2, 4) arrowright B ′ C (5, 3) arrowright C ′ D (−1, 1) arrowright D ′
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8.Two chromosomes with the same genes in the same order but from different parents are called __________. A : ...

__. A : haploid chromosomes B : somatic chromosomes C : analogous chromosomes D : homologous chromosomes
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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