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A binary distillation column operating at atm is to be designed to separate a benzene toluene mixture a feed flowrate


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1.A binary distillation column operating at 1 atm is to be designed to separate a benzene-toluene mixture. A feed flowrate ...

ure. A feed flowrate of 2500 kmol/h is fed to the distillation column. A distillate flowrate of 1358.70 kmol/h containing 96 mol% benzene and a bottoms composition of not more than 4 mol% benzene is desired. Reflux ratio is 2. The mole fraction of vapour leaving a plate and the mole fraction of liquid entering the same plate in the stripping section is 0.42 and 0.3, respectively. The equilibrium curve for the benzene-toluene system at 1 atm is given in Figure A4. Solve graphically using the equilibrium curve and determine the feed composition, quality of feed (i.e. feed is saturated liquid, saturated vapour etc.) and the value of q.
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