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A car of mass kg is travelling at a speed of ms along a straight road the brakes are applied


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1.2)Two books are accelerating to the right on a frictional surface and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor ...

ction between the floor and book is µk. Using the information given in the figure: (a) draw free body diagrams for both the books, and also for the combined system (of mass m1+m2), (b) find acceleration of the books along horizontal direction, and (c) find the magnitude and direction of the force exerted by the left book on the right book. 3.A car of mass 1500-kg enters a circular path at point P and leaves at point Q (see the figure) at constant speed of 5.0m/s, and the frictional force acting on its tires is 2500-N. a) how long it takes to reach point Q from point P, and b) what should be the minimum value of the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road? 4)In an elevator which is accelerating downward at 2.5ms−2 , a 25-kg block hangs from a spring attached to the ceiling of the elevator. If spring gets stretched by 0.15m, find its spring constant.
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2.In 1899, Charles M. “Mile a Minute” Murphy set a record for speed on a bicycle by pedaling for a ...

mile at an average of 62.3 mi/h (27.8 m/s) on a track of planks set over railroad ties in the draft of a Long Island Railroad train. In 1985, a record was set for this type of “motor pacing” by Olympic cyclist John Howard who pedaled at 152.2 mi/h (68.04 m/s) in the wake of a race car at Bonneville Salt Flats. The race car had a modified tail assembly designed to reduce the air drag on the cyclist. Assume that the mass of bicycle plus rider is 72.3 kg in each case.
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3.A car of mass 1000kg is travelling at a speed of 40ms-¹ along a straight road. The brakes are applied ...

ed and the car decelerates to 10ms-¹. How much kinetic energy is lost by the car
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