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A circle with radius centimeters is inscribed in a square what is the area of shaded region


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1.Show that the force field vec F =(2xy-4- 1 2 sin( x 2 )sin( y 2 )) hat i +(x^ 2 + 1 2 cos( ...

cos( x 2 )cos( y 2 )) hat j is conservative and obtain the potential function. Evaluate the work done by vec F in moving a particle along the curve C which is the portion of the circle centered at origin with radius 2 in the first quadrant with counter clockwise orientation, without using line integrals.
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2.A circle with radius 8 has a chord AB marking off 135 degree central angle. What is the area of ...

portion of the circle between the chord and the circumference? No trigonometric ratios allowed.
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3.I need some help. You are walking near the Circular Forest, which has the shape of a perfect circle with a ...

le with a radius of 15 km. You begin your walk 20 km WEST and 5 km SOUTH of the center of the forest and walk directly toward the easternmost point of the forest. You walk at a constant speed of 5 km/hr. How much time passes from the moment you enter the forest until you are at the point where you are closest to the center of the forest? How do I do this?
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4.Suppose you are at the center of a circle with a radius of 1 mi. How far left or right ...

p or down must you move in order to end up on the boundary of the cycle, with a final angle of 22 degrees in standard position with respect to the horzontal axis?
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