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A credit card amount of earns a simple interest rate of per annum how much interest is owed


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1.Dani neglected to pay a credit card bill of $630 at 18%/a, compounded daily, for 3 weeks after it was ...

s due. What is the amount she must pay to settle the bill at the end of the 3 weeks?
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2.A bank claims that omitting the annual credit card fee for customers who charge at least $2500 in a year ...

year will increase the amount charged on its credit card. The bank makes this offer to a random sample of 225 of its credit card customers. It then compares how much these customers charge this year with the amount that they charged last year. The mean increase in the sample is $560, with sum of squares SS= $1,417,250. Is there significant evidence at 1% level that the mean amount charged increases under the no-fee offer? First, in the blank below report the observed value of the test statistic (e.g., observed z, observed t, or observed χ2 you will use for hypothesis testing  2. Enter the critical value for the statistic and degrees of freedom. Do we reject H0 or fail to reject
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