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A discount on a refrigerator amounts to what is the list price


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1.An electronics dealer offers a discount of 10% on the Marked price of Electronics. He still makes a profit of ...

profit of 20%. If his gain on the sale of one electronic item is rupees 4500 find the Marked price of the electronic item.
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2.I would like help with this math question: A store decides to put summer clothes on sale due to change of ...

nge of season. If a 25% discount is applied to the clothes, the store is going to lose $25 per item. If a 10% discount is applied, the store is still going to gain $20 per item. Determine the original tag price of the item. Tax is not involved in this question. (Hint: How would you express the price of an item after 25% discount if the original price is ? What about after 10% discount? What is the connection between the two discounted prices?)
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3.Wal-Mart has approached you with the opportunity to enter a sale lease-back transaction with them on a one million square ...

a one million square foot warehouse that they have recently developed. In typical Wal-Mart fashion, they have given you a “take it, or leave it” final offer. The terms are: Purchase Price: $165 million Facility Size 1,000,000 SF Lease Term 7 years Rent $7 PSF NNN Operating Expenses Wal-Mart (tenant) pays all operating expenses, utilities, and property taxes (owner pays none) Renewal Options 7-year extension at $8 per ft2; a second 7 year extension at $9.50 per ft 2; a third 7 year extension at $11.50 per ft.2. All at Wal-Mart’s choice (i.e. it’s Wal-Mart’s option). Wal-Mart pays all operating expenses, utilities, property taxes, and capital expenditures undertaken during all lease renewal periods. You know the market and feel that the location is good, and that the warehouse market is in good supply/demand balance. Vacancy rates are 4% - 5% in quality facilities, while net rents in the market are running about $7.50 - $8 PSF (i.e. a slight premium to the Wal-Mart lease). You have recently seen comparable sales that have traded in the range of $160 - $200 PSF. You also know that implied discount rates are currently at about a 3% premium to implied cap rates and capital costs are running at $0.50 PSF per annum. You know from your Real Estate Finance & Investments classes that you can value a building using a direct capitalization approach, a comps analysis and a DCF analysis. You also have a handy template that you’ve been using for these analyses which you will need to complete in order to come to a view on value. It’s decision time…would you agree to pay the $165 million that Wal-Mart is asking? Why or why not?
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4.the Michael family wish to purchase a spa pool and install this on the page SEO of their house they ...

have decided on the pool in the picture above the pool costs 6999 plus 219 for delivery it will cost 320 plus GST 15% to get an electrician to install a special plug for the pool the pool cover costs 479 however Mr Michael has negotiated a 20% discount the family have been given approval for a loan of up to 6999 Loan the bank to pay for the pool the lawn has an interest rate of 5.45% the loan & interests need to be repaid by the end of 12 months the family have saved 1000 to cover the cost of delivery installation and the cover they can spare one-tenth of their weekly income to repay the loan.can the Michael family afford to buy the spa pool you must show all working and state what you are calculating at each step
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5.XYP (Ltd) embarks on a project to construct the townhouse in gauteng. They have requested you to draft a budget ...

ft a budget proposal in order for them to go and seek funding. The management team supplies you with the following information. The company will not generate any income for the first 3 months of the year (jan - march) on the 4th month the company will generate sales of R500 000.00 thereafter the company sales will increase by 10% until December. Salaries will be R85 000.00 a month from the beginning of the year. There will be increase of 7% which will only be applicable as if the sixth month. Staff bonus will be payable in December and will amount R28 000 Stationary printing expenses are estimated to be R10 000. 00( vat excluded) every month. Telephone expenses in January are expected to be R5 500.00(vat excluded) and will increase by 5% every month. Rent will be payable from the 3rd month at a cost of R 20 000.00. There will be decrease of 5% from August to the end if the year and the company will be given a rental discount of 10% in December. Return on the investment will be as follows: april R90 000.00 August and September will be R80 000.00 december R150 000.00 all returns will be taxable according appropriate tax standards. Draw a cash budget for XYP (pty) Ltd for the year ending 31 December 2018 (30)
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6.4. Outdoor World buys plastic pools from a supplier with an invoice amount of $36,465. The terms of sale are ...

sale are 5/10, n/30. If the retailer sends a partial payment $8,700 on the discount date. a. How much credit is taken off the bill due to the partial payment? b. What is the net amount still due? 5. Jen’s Pottery Shop orders china from a supplier for $240 including $30 freight charges. The terms of sale are 3/10, n/30 ROG. The china arrives on 11/21 and Jen wants to take advantage of the cash discount. a. As bookkeeper for Jen’s, how much will you send the supplier? 6. A small business receives an invoice for merchandise on August 5. The terms of sale are 2/20, n/30. If the manager elects to take the cash discount, what is the discount date? 7. Price Company received an invoice in the amount of $3,800 dated May 24 for merchandise they purchased. The terms of sale are 3/15, 2/30, n/45. The Company plans to pay the invoice on June 20th? a. What is the percentage the company will save by sending it on this date? 8. Luggage World buys briefcases with an invoice date of April 28. The terms of sale are 2/10 EOM. What is the discount date? 9. Chuck’s Chops, an upscale steak house, received an invoice for 800 pounds of baking potatoes with a cost of $.85 per pound. The terms are 2 ½ /10, n/30. Chuck was unable to pay the bill in full within the discount period but was able to remit a partial payment of $575.00 within the discount period. How much credit did Chuck receive for his partial payment? 10. A toy store buys stuffed animals with a list price of $17,000. If the wholesaler offers trade discounts of 32/27/15, a. Find the trade discount amount of the stuffed animals? 11. The invoice on an invoice was February 11th with terms of sale 2/10, 60 Extra. a. What is the discount date? b. What is the net date? 12. Stan ordered merchandise on October 26th, the terms of sale for his item was 2/10, ROG. If his item was received on November 27th? a. What is the discount date? b. What is the net date? 13. Josie ordered an item on June 27th with terms of sale 3/15, EOM. a. What is the discount date?
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