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A large number of english managers are visiting a car plant in japan they will be shown around in small


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1.A biologist is testing a large number of 5ml samples of sea water to estimate the occurrence of a particular ...

particular micro-organism. She finds that 62% of the samples have at least one micro-organism present. Assuming the micro- organisms are randomly occurring, with an average rate of occurrence, a) estimate k, the average number of micro-organisms per sample. b) what is the probability that in the combined sea water of three samples (15ml) she finds more than 2 micro-organisms?
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2.1) Which of the following statements about scientific methods / theories is correct? (1/0/0) a) A scientific theory must be able to ...

a) A scientific theory must be able to be proven. b) A scientific theory has been derived from known facts and always applies. c) A scientific method should give different results depending on who performs the method. d) Knowledge of our surroundings usually emerges through an interplay between theory and experiment. 2) The sides of a straight block are measured to 3,202 cm; 0.0012 cm and 11.2 cm, respectively. Calculate the volume of the straightening block and enter it with the correct number of value digits. (2/0/0) Number of words: 0 3) A 9.2 dm long and evenly thick rod rests on a support. 0.55 dm from one end, a dynamometer is hung so that the rod will hang horizontally. Then the dynamometer shows 4.4 N. How much does the bar weigh? (1/1/0) Number of words: 0 4) A bar AB that is homogeneous and evenly thick has a length of 2.70 m and is rotatable about an axis at A. The bar weighs 25 kg and is kept in equilibrium by a force F which has its point of attack in B. is 45 degrees. How big is the force F? (1/1/0) Saved! 25 * 9.82 = 245.5 N Number of words: 6 5) A trolley rolls at a constant speed to the right. On the cart is an upward cannon that suddenly shoots a bullet. The carriage continues to the right with the same speed as before. Where does the bullet end up when it falls? For a detailed reasoning. (1/1/1) Number of words: 0 6) A river is 200 m wide. The water in the river flows at a speed of 2.5 m / s. A motorboat steers across the river at its maximum speed, which in stagnant water is 5.0 m / s. The boat is constantly heading perpendicular to the banks of the river. Where does the motorboat land on the other shore? (2/0/0) Number of words: 0 7) A ball with a mass of 2.0 hg moves at a constant speed in a circular path. The radius of the track is 1.5 m and it takes the ball 3.0 seconds to move one turn. How big is the centripetal force? (1/1/0) Number of words: 0 8) A bullet moves at a constant speed. Can we then safely say that the resultant of the forces acting on the bullet is zero? Motivate and discuss your answer. (0/1/1) Number of words: 0 9) A conductor is located between the poles of a permanent magnet. The current in the conductor goes in the direction of the plane of the paper (away from the reader). How is the force acting on the leader directed? (1/0/0) a) To the right of the figure b) To the left in the figure c) Downwards in the figure d) Upwards in the figure 10) Protons enter horizontally from the left between two large metal plates at a speed v = 0.80 Mm / s. The plates are connected to a voltage source with the pole voltage U. Between the plates there is a homogeneous magnetic field with a flux density of 38 mT directed perpendicular to the plane of the paper. The distance between the plates is 1.5 cm. They want the protons to continue with unchanged direction and speed between the plates. Which of the plates should be connected to the positive pole of the voltage source and how large should the voltage U be? (0/2/0) Number of words: 0 11) The magnetic flux Φ through a 700-speed coil decreases linearly with time according to the diagram below. Calculate the voltage across the coil at time t = 1.0 ms. 12) The current in a coil with an inductance of 35 mH has a growth rate of 6.2 A / s at a given moment. What is the instantaneous value of the ems induced in the coil?
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3.A paper company needs to ship paper to a large printing business. The paper will be shipped in small boxes ...

boxes and large boxes. The volume of each small box is 6 cubic feet and the volume of each large box is 12 cubic feet. There were twice as many small boxes shipped as large boxes shipped and the total volume of all boxes was 168 cubic feet. Write a system of equations that could be used to determine the number of small boxes shipped and the number of large boxes shipped. Define the variables that you use to write the system.
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4.Suppose that Wegboys has a supermarket with a downward sloping demand curve in Pilgrim City. It purchases frozen turkeys ...

chases frozen turkeys at a constant wholesale price of $1/turkey, which is its full marginal cost for supplying turkeys. During July, only a small number of wealthy people are interested in buying turkeys in Pilgrim. Their demand curve is P = 10 – .02 Q, where P is Wegboys’ retail price for turkeys during the month and Q is the quantity of turkeys purchased. The demand curve for these wealthy people is constant – it is the same curve in both November and July. During November, a large number of less wealthy people enter the market to purchase turkeys for Thanksgiving. Their demand curve for Wegboys’ turkeys is P = 4 – .0005Q. In other months of the year, they do not purchase turkeys at any price. a. (5 points) What price should Wegboys charge in July to maximize its profits? Calculate its profits from turkey sales. b. (5 points) Demonstrate that Wegboys can earn a higher profit if it lowers its retail price for turkeys during November (you can do this without finding the optimal price). Explain the basic economic intuition.
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5.A large number of English managers are visiting a car plant in Japan. They will be shown around in small ...

mall groups of 6. Twenty percent of the managers speak Japanese. If the groups are picked at random what is the probability that there are at least 5 Japanese speakers in the group?
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6.A large bottle holds A large bottle holds 1 3/4 Times the amount of liquid of a small bottle. determine ...

ine the number of large bottles that would hold the same amount as 10 1/2 small bottles.
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7. The Indigo Insurance Company is a large company based in Melbourne. Several years ago, an email survey of all their ...

survey of all their employees found that employees were required to respond to an average of 50 work-related emails per week with a standard deviation of 1.5 emails per week. However, an employee advocacy group believes the average number of work-related emails Indigo Insurance Company employees are now required to respond to is more than 50 emails per week. To investigate this further, the employee advocacy group took a random sample of 20 staff employed by Indigo Insurance Company during the second week of March 2018,and asked these employees to record the number of work-related emails to which they were required to respond. (b). What does the highlighted section of the distribution in Figure 1 represent? (c). The random sample of 20 employees of Indigo Insurance Company taken by the employee advocacy group turned out to have a mean of 50.8 work-related emails to respond to in that week. Does this sample look like it belongs to the sampling distribution displayed in Figure 1? Justify your answer. (d). Given the sample was randomly selected and that the number of work-related emails each employee was required to respond to was recorded accurately, what conclusion can we reach from part (c)? To answer questions (b) to (d), consider the sampling distribution shown in Figure 1.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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