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A ml of water sample that contains g of mgs g mol calculate the molarity of mg write only


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1.Above you will find a graph of a monoprotic weak acid titration. In this titration a 0.5053 g sample ...

e of a weak acid in 32.9 mL of water is titrated with 0.0755 M Ca(OH)2. Calculate the molarity of the weak acid being utilized in the titration above. (do not provide units and follow significant figure rules).
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2.Sodium oxalate, Na2C2O4, has a solubility in water of 6.25 g/100 mL. When sodium oxalate dissolves in water and dissociates, C2O4 2- ...

in water and dissociates, C2O4 2- is a polyatomic ion. a. Calculate the molar solubility of sodium oxalate. b. Calculate the Ksp for sodium oxalate. c. Calculate the total ion concentration for a solution where 1.33 g of sodium oxalate is added to 20.0 mL of water.
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5.A cube of iron with edges 4.0 cm long is initially at 750°C. It is then dropped into 250 mL ...

r at 20°C. [6 points] Ignoring any heat transfer to the container and the environment, calculate the percentage of water that is boiled away. [2 points] Would accounting for heat transfer to the container and the environment make your answer to part (a) larger or smaller? Explain.
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6.(a) A 20.0 L container at 303 K holds a mixture of two gases with a total pressure of 5.00 ...

here are 2.00 mol of Gas A in the mixture, how many moles of Gas B are present? (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol)) (b) The gas in a 250. mL piston experiences a change in pressure from 1.00 atm to 2.80 atm. What is the new volume (in mL) assuming the moles of gas and temperature are held constant? (c) Small quantities of Oxygen can be produced by the decomposition of mercury(II) oxide as shown below. Typically, the oxygen gas is bubbled through water for collection and becomes saturated with water vapor. Atomic weight of HgO = 216.6 amu, Atomic weight of Oxygen = 32.00 amu) 2 HgO(s) → 2 Hg(ℓ) + O₂(g) (i) Assuming that 3.05 grams of HgO was used in this reaction, determine the number of moles of oxygen gas formed.(According to the above chemical equation) (ii) Assuming 310. 0 mL of Oxygen gas was collected at at 29°C, calculate the pressure of the Oxygen gas that was collected. (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol) (iii) If the vapor pressure of water at this temperature equals to 0.042 atm, calculate the pressure reading of this experiment.
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7.I need help on solving molarity word problems. for example: How many grams of calcium chloride would you dissolve in ...

you dissolve in water to make a 0.2 M calcium chloride solution with 200 mL final volume?
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