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A sample of size is collected to test the alternative hypothesis that the population mean is greater than


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1.QUESTION THREE Considering the information given in Question One the owner of the small chain is interested in whether or not ...

interested in whether or not there is a benefit trying to locate their restaurants in shopping centre food courts. Food Court Not in Food Court Average Revenue 1609.69 1710.0 Standard deviation 190.85 150.83 Sample size 12 38 a. Conduct a test at the 5% level of significance to determine if there is a difference in average revenue between restaurants located in food courts to those that aren’t. Make whatever assumptions and carry out any checks that are necessary to conduct this test. (5)
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2.Suppose that a population parameter is 0.7 and many samples are taken from the population. If the size of each sample ...

ize of each sample is 50, what is the standard error of the distribution of sample proportions? A. 0.089 B. 0.109 C. 0.065 D. 0.005
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3.A food company wishes to determine whether a newly designed potato chip bag increases the length of time a bag ...

time a bag of chips remains fresh on the grocery shelf. A random sample of potato chips with the old design of the bag was compared to a random sample of potato chips with the new bag. Summary statistics pertaining to the number of days the chips remained fresh are given below. At a 95% level of confidence (α = .05), the company wishes to investigate if the new bag has an increased freshness time over the old bag. Summary Statistics New Bag Old Bag (Sample #1) (Sample #2) Sample Mean 21.2 days 20.8 days Sample Standard Deviation 2.5 days 2.8 days Sample Size 45 50 What is the correct Null and Alternate Hypothesis? Select one: a. H_0: \mu_d>0\;\; H_1: \mu_d < 0 b. H_0: \mu_1>\mu_2 \;\;H_1:\mu_1 \leq \mu_2 c. H_0: \mu_d =0\;\; H_1: \mu_d < 0 d. H_0: \mu_1\leq\mu_2 \;\;H_1:\mu_1 > \mu_2
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5.I'm having trouble calculating problems like this: A sample of 80 size will be drawn from a population with mean ...

on with mean 81 and standard deviation 22. I have been asked to find the probability that X (bar) is greater than 86 and to find the 85th percentile of this data set
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6.Zeshan, Jose and Shaquille, of PhreQui Smurfs; a statistics rap crew saw their musical career fail when their debut single, ...

l when their debut single, “All the Single Men!” was re-recorded as “All the Single Ladies!” by an all women’s group and it went triple platinum. They consoled themselves by finding the critical values (“z” or “t” scores) for the following. a. Alpha in the left tail is 2.5%, sample size is 50 and sigma is known. b. df is 18, alpha in the left tail is 10% and x-bar is 47.9 cars. c. the sample mean is $23.7, sigma is $12.5 and C.L. is 80%. d. alpha is 1%, sample variance is 2.8 and the sample size is 24
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7.Researchers designing a new study require a 99% probability that a sample proportion is within 0.5% of the population proportion. ...

of the population proportion. How large a sample size do they need? (No prior information is known about the sample proportion.)
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8.Let's say you collected data on proportion of eggs laid on four different bean species, and you want to look ...

to look for significant differences among them. You would calculate 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for each bean type and see if they overlap each other or not. Non-overlapping 95% CIs would indicate differences in the proportion of eggs laid across bean types. You got a point estimate of 0.20 (p-hat) for the proportion of eggs laid on kidney bean, and had a total sample size of 900. What is the lower bounds of the 95% CI?
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