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A score on a math test is out of what percentage grade did the student get


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2.In this problem and the next one, we’re going to make a very simple spam checker program by just looking ...

ooking at how likely a given email is to be spam based on the words it contains. In particular, in this problem we’re going to count how often words are present in spam emails within some set of training data (which here means a set of emails that have already been marked as spam or not spam manually). We have already started to write a function spam_score(spam_file, not_file, word), which takes in two filenames, along with a target word (a lowercase string). Both filenames refer to text files which must be in the same directory as (we’ve provided several such files in The text files contain one email per line (really just the subject line to keep things simple) - you can assume that these emails will be a series of words separated by spaces with no punctuation. The first file contains emails that have been identified as spam, the second contains emails that have been identified as not spam. Since you haven’t learned File I/O yet, we’ve provided code that opens the two files and puts the data into two lists of strings (where each element is one line - that is, one email). You then must complete the function, so that it returns the spam score for the target word. The spam score is an integer representing the total number of times the target word occurs across all the spam emails, minus the total number of times the word occurs in not-spam emails. Convert all words to lowercase before counting, to ensure capitalization does not throw off the count.
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3.According to Gallup, about 35% of Americans polled said they frequently feel stressed in their daily lives. Suppose you are ...

lives. Suppose you are in class of 52 students. A) what is the probability that over 13 students experience stress B) if 23 students in the class said they felt stress in their daily lives would you be surprised Suppose the average ACT score for students taking the test in Illinois is in 2003 was 21.8 with a standard deviation of 3.85. What is the probability that 32 randomly selected students from that state average under 23 on the ACT that year?
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4.Suppose that scores on a particular test are normally distributed with a mean of 140 and a standard deviation of ...

d deviation of 18. What is the minimum score needed to be in the top 10% of the scores on the test? Carry your intermediate computations to at least four decimal places, and round your answer to one decimal place.
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5. Risk taking is an important part of investing. In order to make suitable investment decisions on behalf of their customers, ...

ehalf of their customers, portfolio managers give a questionnaire to new customers to measure their desire to take financial risks. The scores on the questionnaire are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 49 and a standard deviation of 14 The customers with scores in the bottom 10% are described as "risk averse." What is the questionnaire score that separates customers who are considered risk averse from those who are not? Carry your intermediate computations to at least four decimal places. Round your answer to one decimal place.
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6.1) Employees in 2012 paid 4.2% of their gross wages towards social security (FICA tax), while employers paid another 6.2%. ...

ers paid another 6.2%. How much will someone earning $34,000 a year pay towards social security out of their gross wages? 2) The population of a town increased from 3350 in 2005 to 4800 in 2010. Find the absolute and relative (percent) increase. 3)A company's sales in Seattle were $400,000 in 2012, while their sales in Portland were $295,000 for the same year. Complete the following statements: a. Seattle's sales were % larger than Portland's. b. Portland sales were % smaller than Seattle's. c. Portland sales were % of Seattle's. 4) A store has clearance items that have been marked down by 55%. They are having a sale, advertising an additional 30% off clearance items. What percent of the original price do you end up paying? 5) A friend has a 83% average before the final exam for a course. That score includes everything but the final, which counts for 15% of the course grade. What is the best course grade your friend can earn? % What is the minimum score your friend would need on the final to earn a 75% for the course? % Give answers accurate to at least one decimal place. 6) A car is driving at 50 kilometers per hour. How far, in meters, does it travel in 3 seconds? meters Give your answer to the nearest meter.
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7.. James is taking a computer science course. The mark breakdown is as follows:Midterm Exam 1 { 20%Midterm ...

Midterm Exam 2 { 30%Final Exam { 50%All exams are out of 100 marks. James received scores of 70 on Midterm Exam 1 and60 on Midterm Exam 2. To receive a nal grade of B+in the course, a student requiresa nal grade of 75% or higher. What is the minimum score James must get on the nalexam in order to receive a nal grade of B+?
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8.The scores on a precision-driving test for prospective drivers at a transit company have a mean of 100 and a standard ...

100 and a standard deviation of 15. a. What is the probability that a given applicant will score over 100? b. Determine the probability that a random applicant scores over 135. c. Determine the probability that an applicant scores between 85 and 135.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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