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A sphere of mass m kg and radius r cm has its mass distributed in a way where


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1.A sphere of mass M = 20kg and radius R = 10cm has its mass distributed in a way where ...

mediately guess it’s moment of inertia. To investigate whether it behaves more like a solid sphere or hollow sphere, you roll it down a rough ramp inclined at an angle of 30° with respect to the horizontal. The sphere rolls without slipping and you measure the velocity of the center of mass to be 3 m/s as it leaves the bottom of the ramp. The ramp’s length is 2 m and you release the sphere from the top of the ramp, a height of 1 m. a) What is the moment of inertia of the sphere? b) What is the angular speed of the sphere as it reaches the bottom of the ramp? c) What is the frictional force on the sphere?
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