Search a-student-wants-to-enroll-in-a-seminar-so-he-she-submits-her-name-and-student-number-to-the-registrar-therefore

A student wants to enroll in a seminar so he she submits her name and student number to the registrar therefore


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1.One teacher wants to give each student 2/3 of a slice of pizza. If the teacher has 8 slices of ...

, then how many students will she be able to hand out pizza to?
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2.Mr. Dawson wants to demonstrate the importance of proofreading to his English class. He had students read the same passage ...

read the same passage and mark all the spelling and grammar errors they could find. He recorded how many minutes each student had spent on the exercise, x, and how many errors that student had missed, y. The least squares regression line of this data set is: ŷ= – 2.039x+27.731 Complete the following sentence: For each additional minute a student spent proofreading, the least squares regression line predicts that he or she would miss fewer errors.
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3.A student wants to enroll in a seminar so he/she submits her name and student number to the registrar; therefore ...

r; therefore she may be validated to become an eligible student at the university. Once the registrar verifies the student, the student indicates the seminar she wants to enroll in from the list of those available. The registrar validates the student is eligible to enroll in the seminar and that the seminar fits the student’s schedule. The registrar calculates the fees for the seminar– based on the fee published in the course catalog, applicable student fees and taxes, and informs the student. The registrar verifies with the student that she still wants to enroll in the seminar, and then enrolls the student. The registrar adds the appropriate fees to the student’s bill and provides the student with a confirmation that she is enrolled. Instructions: Using a UML tool of your choice, create a Use Case model for Enroll in a seminar. Your model should include one or more opportunities for reuse. Based on the model you developed, create a UI flow diagram that extends your Use Case model showing the UIs (screens and/or reports) used to enroll in a seminar. An UML Activity diagram can be used for the UI flow diagram. Also, please fill in the provided UI flow chart to describe the UIs in your flow diagram.
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4.You The problem discusess a student who builds his own suit that can fly with some power of propulsion. Given the ...

ion. Given the student weighs 374 kg and wants to travel 15 m/s second in the upward direction fighting gravity. How much power in watts would the propulsion system need to deliver? I just dont know what equations would be appropriate to use or if this problem is even solvable
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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