Search a-survey-of-people-was-conducted-to-compare-their-self-reported-height-to-their-actual-height-the-difference-between-reported

A survey of people was conducted to compare their self reported height to their actual height the difference between reported


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1.A survey of 47 people was conducted to compare their self-reported height to their actual height. The difference between reported ...

e difference between reported height and actual height was calculated. You're testing the claim that the mean difference is greater than 0.6. From the sample, the mean difference was 0.7, with a standard deviation of 0.74. Calculate the test statistic, rounded to two decimal places Incorrect
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2.A recent transportation survey of w urban commuters (that is, n(U) = w) yielded the following information: x commuters rode ...

formation: x commuters rode neither trains nor buses, y rode trains, and z rode only trains. How many people rode the following? (a) trains and buses (b) only buses (c) buses (d) trains or buses I answered a easily but can't figure out b-d
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4.A survey of 150 shoppers is conducted and the results displayed below show that of the two flavors of a ...

f a particular brand of jelly available, 84 preferred strawberry, 37 preferred grape, and 100 people would buy one or the other or both. Fill in the remainder of the two-way frequency table. Strawberry Not Strawberry TOTAL Grape 37 Not Grape 50 TOTAL 84 150 What is the probability (rounded to the nearest whole percent) that a randomly selected shopper would buy both grape jelly and strawberry jelly?
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