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A what is the balanced net ionic equation when solutions of calcium hydroxide and beryllium chloride are mixed b how


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1.In mice, grey coat colour, G, is dominant to white, g, and long tail, T, is dominant to short tail, ...

t. What is the genotypic and phenotypic ratio if a female mouse that is heterozygous for colour and short-tailed is crossed with a male mouse that is homozygous dominant for colour and is heterozygous for tail length?
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2.Problem: What is the probability of winning a bingo game with the first full board, and the last number being ...

ber being one out of three randomly picked lucky-numbers out of 75 before starting the round. 15 players, numbers 1-75, ticket containing 24 random numbers (5x5 with the middle filled).
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3. Here is a scenario where you would have to deal with a customer who is being rude and abusive. You ...

work for as a customer service representative at a call center for a company that makes exercise equipment. A customer calls in complaining that her treadmill motor is smoking. She has called in previously and was informed that her warranty has been voided because she did not follow the maintenance instructions in the handbook for her machine. She is upset because no one ever told her about maintenance when she bought the machine. She starts calling you a crook for robbing her, and continues to call you names (including some we can’t print).  Explore what steps you would take in this situation to remain calm and relaxed.  How would you go about de-escalating the situation?  How do you avoid correcting the customer and putting her on the defensive?  If it became absolutely necessary, how would you phrase a warning to refrain from personal attacks?
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5.I need to perform a chi square test. The information I have is a survey of sample of 183 students. ...

n one survey question, 157 answered No and 26 answered yes. What would be x-squared value, the df and the p value?
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6.Methane gas and chlorine gas react to form hydrogen chloride gas and carbon tetrachloride gas. What volume of carbon tetrachloride ...

volume of carbon tetrachloride would be produced by this reaction if 8.91 cm3 of methane were consumed? Also, be sure your answer has a unit symbol, and is rounded to the correct number of significant digits.
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7.We have a semester exam coming up next week, and I need to review sort of everything, but our teacher ...

r isn't the best at saying things like "this is what this is" and "that is what that means"
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8. The average mileage per gallon for cars built since 1940 approximates to the following curve 0.0075*t2-.2672*t+14.8 where t is year ...

075*t2-.2672*t+14.8 where t is year -1940. Answer the following questions: What is the expected MPG in 2025? How about 2050? Is this a valid function? Is there a top end to MPG?
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