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A x c b x d please i need help with this this is the only question i don t understand on my practice test find x


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1.1. Which visual representation is false? * A B Option 4 2. Choose the pair of numbers √15 is between. * A B D 3. Which shows the ...

etween. * A B D 3. Which shows the following numbers in order from least to greatest? * B C D 4. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A B D 5. Which point on the number line best represents √3? * A B C For question 6 and 7, write each number in either scientific notation or standard notation. 6. The diameter of Mercury is 4879 kilometers. * 7. The diameter of a bacterial cell called a mycoplasma is about 2 x 10-7 meter. * 8. In which group are the numbers in order from greatest to least? * B C D 9. Greg found the length of a hypotenuse of a right triangle to be √90 feet. Between which two integers does √90 lie? * A B C 10. Which is the best name for this group of numbers? * A C D 11. The water levels of five Texas lakes were measured on the same day in 2010. The table below shows the number of feet above or below normal level for each lake. Which list shows the numbers in the table from greatest to least? * B C D 12. Which numbers from this list are less than -0.94? * B C D 13. The length of a micrometer is approximately 0.00003937 inch. How would you express this in scientific notation? * A B C 14. The National Park Service manages approximately 84,000,000 acres of federal land. How would you express this number using scientific notation? * B C D 15. Seismosaurus is the longest known dinosaur. It measured 1800 inches. How far would 3000 Seismosaurus dinosaurs span if they were placed head to tail? Write your answer in scientific notation. *
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2.I need help with the following problem: Each unit of a product can be made on either machine A or machine ...

achine B. The nature of the machines makes their cost functions differ. Total cost is given by ​C(x,y)equalsUpper C left parenthesis x right parenthesisplusUpper C left parenthesis y right parenthesis. How many units should be made on each machine in order to minimize total costs if xplusyequals19 comma 740 units are​ required? The minimum total cost is achieved when ___ units are produced on machine A and ___ units are produced on machine B
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3.(1,5) , (2,10) and (3, 19) are points on the curve y = ax^2 + bx + c. Found a, ...

-1 and c = 4. So quadratic function is y = 2x^2 - x + 4. Next question is: suppose that the 3rd point is written as (3, t). Find all values for t that will change the quadratic function y =ax^2 + bx + c into a linear function.
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5.According to the Journal of Irreproducible Results, any obtuse angle is a right angle! x A P B C D Here is their argument. Given the obtuse ...

C D Here is their argument. Given the obtuse angle x, we make a quadrilateral ABCD with ∠DAB = x, and ∠ABC = 90◦ , and AD = BC. Say the perpendicular bisector to DC meets the perpendicular bisector to AB at P. Then P A = P B and P C = P D. So the triangles P AD and P BC have equal sides and are congruent. Thus ∠P AD = ∠P BC. But P AB is isosceles, hence ∠P AB = ∠P BA. Subtracting, gives x = ∠P AD − ∠P AB = ∠P BC − ∠P BA = 90◦ . This is a preposterous conclusion – just where is the mistake in the “proof” and why does the argument break down there?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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