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Our Mission

TutoEye is shaped to provide well rounded online tutoring services comprehend coursework and standardized exams for 40+ subjects. We believe every child is unique, and each one of them learns at a different pace. And that's the reason we bring virtual classrooms to the students for one to one sessions with our qualified tutors.

TutorEye Approach

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We Are Providing Full-Service Tutoring!

TutorEye is an advanced learning platform where you can have access to fully-equipped virtual classroom on desktop as well as mobile devices. Also, All the necessary scheduling and payments are done though the website only that makes it more secure for transactions as well.

Getting Appropriate Help

TutorEye offer two ways to provide study help – Via one to one session & Homework Help. Each one of them has their own importance in your learning process. You can choose the way they want to learn as per your requirement or talk to our support to decide which one is suitable for you.

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How TutorEye Works?

  1. Find a Tutor - Explore the list of most qualified subject tutors and chat with them to decide which one will get fit in your requirements.
  2. Schedule A Session - You can start studying with your chosen tutor immediately or book him for later by scheduling a session as per your convenience.
  3. Enter The Classroom - Experience personalized education inside our innovative online classroom that is designed to facilitate learning for today’s digital generation.
  4. See Your Progress - Feedback from the tutor plays a vital role in your progress. Review and discuss it to know what you need to focus on.
  5. Achieve Study Goals And Get Better Grades - At TutorEye, we are committed to provide an effective learning environment. Thus, help you achieve your academic goals.
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TutorEye Approach and Benefits

TutorEye Online Tutoring Making Learning Easier Through its Advanced Learning Tools!

  1. See the tutor though video.
  2. High quality audio tool while discussion with tutor.
  3. Digital whiteboard on site let you use text tool, drawing tool, mathematical formula tool, and file sharing tool.
  4. Chat via instant messaging.
  5. Replay tutoring sessions anytime.
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Effectiveness of online learning

Online learning plays a significant role in a lifelong education. In fact, a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education found that "classes with online learning (whether taught completely online or blended) on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face instruction."

Only the best Tutors

We select only the brightest subject specialist from top universities. Every teacher is interviewed and trained to provide an effective online tutoring experience personalised for every student.

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Track your progress

Track your learning progress in your personal intuitive and graphic dashboard. Share your achievement with your parents and friends. Our interactive quiz and assessments for every course will provide great learning experience and help you achieve better grade.

Flipped classroom

We believe that our blended model of learning will increase student engagement and performance. Partner Institutes/Schools can use our online courses and on-demand tutoring to enhance the impact on education ecosystem.

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