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Acceleration due to gravity based on position time graph and velocity time graph and finding initial velocity of projectile


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1.Explain. To train for conditions during a manned mission on the surface of Mars, where the acceleration due to gravity is ...

tion due to gravity is only 3.72 m/s2 , astronaut can be hung on a spring harness while on Earth. To provide the necessary force, we can stretch a stiff (large
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4.If you accelerate due to gravity (free fall), your acceleration is -9.8 m/s2. In some fields, particularly aviation, this ...

cularly aviation, this is referred to as 1 g of acceleration. If you were accelerating at 2.5 g, what would be your average acceleration? If you started from rest, what would be your speed after 10 s? What would be your average speed during the acceleration? How far would you have travelled in this time?
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5.A pumpkin falls from a Halloween display on the top building. Assuming that the pumpkin falls with acceleration due to ...

cceleration due to gravity ( 9.8 m/s ) and its initial velocity is 0 m/s, how high is the roof if it takes the pumpkin 6 seconds to reach the ground?
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