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Abhishek Prasad

Abhishek P.


Bachelor of Technology (B-tech) @ Indraprastha University

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My outside interests are playing football , watching inspirational movies, travelling, and spending time with my pets. I love to play Chess and have played chess at district level. I am a fitness freak and avid learner of new things. I love to meditate and have a keen interest in psychology of human beings.

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Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Integral Calculus, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Integral Equation, Numbers & Patterns, Basic Operations

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I am a subject matter expert in Physics and Mathematics and use new teaching methodology to explain difficult concepts and topics. I help students by providing step by step explanations , so that students can grasp the key points of the topic and can use them in future as well. Currently I am working as a Tutor at various online platforms. I have also worked as a offline and online faculty of Mathematics and physics at reputed Coaching Institutions.

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Hi! I am ABHISHEK and I have been mentoring students in physics from the last 3 years . When I was a student myself, I was curious to know the fundamentals of the working principles that govern the whole universe. Being a mentor, I understand how to break down the complex problems into its basics. " If you hate PHYSICS then you have probably learnt it from wrong teacher "


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17 Nov, 2020

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18 Sep, 2020

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