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MBA @ Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies B.COM(HONS.) @ DELHI UNIVERSITY

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I love to sing to my plants and act as if they are clapping in appluad of my performance. made sense?NO? I meant, I am a theater enthusiast, singer and a gardener too.

I can Teach:

Design of Product Services, Process Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, JIT/Lean Production, Linear Programming, PERT, Logistics, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Material Resource Planning, Decision Tree, Value Engineering, Inventory Management and Control, Organization Behavior, Human Resource Planning

Teaching Experience

I have always been known for my easy to learn and remember style of study and stratergies by peers and students. I believe every student is different and thereby my approach to teach is tailor made as per your level and style of understsnding. Feel free to ask any question regarding the subjetct you want to learn and i would be there to help you without any judgement

My Expertise

  • Design of Product Services
  • Process Technology
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Top subjects

Organization Behavior

Meaning and Concept; Individual in organizations: Personality, Theories, and Determinants; Perception – Meaning and Process. Motivation: Concepts, Theories and Applications. Leadership-Theories and Styles. Quality of Work Life (QWL): Meaning and its impact on Performance, Ways of its Enhancement. Quality Circles (QC) – Meaning and their Importance. Management of Conflicts in Organizations. Transactional Analysis, Organizational Effectiveness, Management of Change.

Human Resource Planning

Meaning, Nature and Scope of HRM, Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification, Recruitment Process, Selection Process, Orientation and Placement, Training and Development Process, Performance Appraisal and 360° Feed Back, Salary and Wage Administration, Job Evaluation, Employee Welfare, Promotions, Transfers and Separations.

Organization Culture

Nature and Concept of Organisation; External Environment of Organizations -Technological, Social, Political, Economical and Legal; Organizational Goals – Primary and Secondary goals, Single and Multiple Goals; Management by Objectives. Evolution of Organisation Theory: Classical, Neo-classical and Systems Approach. Modern Concepts of Organisation Theory: Organisational Design, Organisational Structure and Organisational Culture. Organisational Design–Basic Challenges; Differentiation and Integration Process; Centralization and Decentralization Process; Standardization / Formalization and Mutual Adjustment. Coordinating Formal and Informal Organizations. Mechanistic and Organic Structures. Designing Organizational structures–Authority and Control; Line and Staff Functions, Specialization and Coordination.Types of Organization Structure –Functional. Matrix Structure, Project Structure. Nature and Basis of Power, Sources of Power, Power Structure and Politics. Impact of Information Technology on Organizational Design and Structure. Managing Organizational Culture.


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