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Akash W.


M. Sc. @ University of Mumbai

About me

I completed my Masters from university of Mumbai, India, in the year 2019 and have been working as a Mathematics teacher ever since. Apart from academia, I am quite passionate about playing Chess as all the tactics and intricate ideas in the game fascinate my mind.

I can Teach:

Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Operations, Basic Statistics, Bessel Functions, Decimals, Differential Calculus, Differential Equation, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Factors & Multiples

Teaching Experience

I have had a very pleasant experience working as a Mathematics teacher for high school as well as college students. It is my observation that every concept in Mathematics require a logical approach along with a bag rich with examples for a thorough understanding of the same. Hence, My primary focus is to try and teach every topic in the simplest of ways possible and to ensure that the student really understand the motive behind the subject in hand.

My Expertise

  • Abstract/Modern Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Algebra Basics

Top subjects


I have taught this course several times to class 10 students and have a firm grasp over the subject.

Linear Algebra

I have had this course every semester as a compulsory course and i like to believe it is one of my strongest zone in Mathematics


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