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Akshat Nehra

Akshat N.


Bachelors of Technology @ Lovely Professional University

About me

I love reading about human psychology and how our mind works and I always seek to deliver the content in a way that my students can learn complex topics with minimal efforts.

I can Teach:

Android Programming, Arduino Programming, Artificial Inelligence, Assemblers, Basic Computer Organizations and Designs, C Sharp Programming, Compilers, Complexity, Computer Arithmetic, Computer Graphics, Computer Science (AP/College intro), Computer Science (College Advanced), Cryptography, CSS, Data Link Control Protocols

Teaching Experience

Hi everyone! I am Akshat. I teach Computer Science with a practical approach. I can help you with Computer Science topics till Graduation level. I am a firm believer of learning by doing along with multiple revisions using mind mapping technique. I aim to clear doubts of my students and make then confident.

My Expertise

  • Android Programming
  • Arduino Programming
  • Artificial Inelligence

Top subjects

Programming in C, C++

I can help you with procedural C language and Object Oriented C++, from basic topics to advanced topics like STL, Exception Handling and Templates.


  • 5 star

Nice service, hope it's correct.

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Khendra T.

16 Aug, 2021

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