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aliza mustafa

Aliza m.


MS in Computer Science @ SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY, CHINA BS in Computer Science @ COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan High School @ Suffa Educational Complex, Sahiwal, Pakistan

About me

Hello Students! Meet with me, your most Charismatic and dependable Computer Science tutor. I am currently doing my Ph.D. (Computer Science) from Uppsala University, Sweden, and have completed my MS (Computer Science) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. I have a genuine passion for my subject which I believe really shows in my teaching as well. I have observed the teaching ways of Sweden, China and Pakistan which broadened my horizons related to teaching in the best ways possible. I can help you with your assignments, your semester projects and if you wanna learn any computer science tool, I am here for you! You can try a free trial lesson with me to see if I am the teacher you are looking forward to helping with your learning goals of Computer Science. So book a lesson, and starts your beautiful learning journey with me! Looking forward to hearing from you!

I can Teach:

Android Programming, Arduino Programming, Artificial Inelligence, Assemblers, Basic Computer Organizations and Designs, C Sharp Programming, Compilers, Complexity, Computer Arithmetic, Computer Graphics

Teaching Experience

2015 – 2016: My professional history started during my bachelors and I did three internships as a Teacher Assistant (TA) for Advanced Algorithm Analysis and Design, Data Structure and Discrete Mathematics. During these internships, I served as a professional lab head of these subjects. I led lab class of more than 50 students and lectured on important concepts and tools of related subjects. I also supervised student examinations and graded work submissions of students. Also, I worked as Trainee Software Engineer in ‘Computer Information System Company’ (CISCO) at software school of CUI lab and taught students about important concepts and tools of networking. I also administered the performance and grading of students in CISCO lab examinations. 2016 – 2017: After my graduation, I worked in an International School as the class teacher of standard 10 and the subject teacher of "Computer Science" as well. I got the ‘Best Teacher’ award in Annual Ceremony of School. 2018 - 2020: Later, I worked as Lab Researcher (Machine Learning) in the “Shanghai Innovation Center for Big Data Technology and Application, SJTU, China” for two years. During that job, I worked on major Machine Learning projects. Also, I am certified freelancer (WordPress BlogSpot Pathfinder Blogs Creation and Maintenance).

My Expertise

  • Android Programming
  • Arduino Programming
  • Artificial Inelligence

Top subjects

Programming in C, C++

Due to the excellent speed and concurrency support, C++ has become the most important language of the current time. I can help you with any kind of C, C++ project and will also teach you about the details of the libraries and their implementation in your project. If there’s any C++ tool that you wanna learn or any C++ framework, then hurrah! You are at the right place.

Programming in Python

Python is the top trendy language these days. I have thorough experience of working with all main libraries of python during my Lab Research in Shanghai, China. I can upskill you in all the Python frameworks of web development including CherryPy, Django, and Flask. I can help you develop unique python games. If you wanna be a full-stack python developer or wanna build modern python applications on AWS, here we go! Just book a lesson with me and start development!

Computer Science (AP/College intro)

I am a Bronze Medalist student among 500+ Colleges with a major in Computer Science so received a Distinction Certificate from the Chief Minister of Punjab Province, Pakistan. I will make you familiar with all the concepts and tools of Computer Science as you learn a subset of the Java programming language (or Database Management System). I will upskill you to do hands-on work to design, write, and test computer programs that solve problems or accomplish tasks. If you wanna be fluent in writing code snippets, you are one click far from your goal! Book a lesson with me ASAP!

HTML Programming

HTML is the crucial language for web development. I can teach you all the HTML concepts from the basic to professional level including the HTML links, the scroll boxes, Marquees, Window codes, Music/Video codes, frames, HTML generators, and Javascript coding for the HTML, as well. I prefer special services of teaching Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJs, and Ruby on Rails. If you want a sneak-peak on any of it, just hit the booking option and join the learning journey with me!

Computer Science (College Advanced)

I have done my Master’s from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China and currently doing my Ph.D. from Uppsala University, Sweden. Studying from the top universities of the world has laid a strong foundation for me about all the subjects and concepts of computer science, more specifically Machine Learning and Data Science which are top trending these days. If you wanna learn any concept or topic related to any of the subjects, I can deliver the outstanding the best programming lecture based on the ease of the tools you wanna learn with.

Machine Learning

I have been working as a Lab Researcher of Machine Learning in ‘Shanghai Innovation Center for Big Data Technology and Application, SJTU, China’. Also, it was my core subject in my Masters and now in Ph.D., as well. I have thorough experience of working with machine learning frameworks including Tensorflow with Keras and PyTorch. Even though there are many different skills to learn in machine learning, I can help you deal with any kind of machine learning projects based on the latest networks including Multi-layered Convolutional Neural networks, Bi-Long Short Term Memory, and more importantly Transformers and BERTs. I can upskill you in writing code from scratch and make you understand all the libraries of ML as well. Even If you want a sneak-peak in the statistical modeling of Machine Learning, hit the booking button and start a lesson with me!


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