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Alvaro Rosales

Alvaro R.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry @ Polytechnic University of the Philippines

About me

I like American and Filipino Sign Languages and most of all doing Bible education to deaf people.

I can Teach:

Acid-Bases, Alkanes-Cycloalkanes-Functional-Groups, Ap-Chemistry, Atoms-Compounds-Ions, Basics of Matter, Buffers-Titrations-Solubility-Equilibria, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Chemical-Bonds, Chemical-Equilibrium, Chemical-Reactions-Compounds, Electrochemistry , Electronic-Configuration, Electronic-Structure-Atom, Exothermic-Endothermic-Reactions

Teaching Experience

I was a Former Chemistry Instructor for university students. I had Master's degree units at the University of the Philippines with Published research during my time as Research Associate at the same university.

My Expertise

  • Acid-Bases
  • Alkanes-Cycloalkanes-Functional-Groups
  • Ap-Chemistry

Top subjects


The unit circle with all trigonometric functions which includes sine, cosines, tangents to name a few.

Algebra Basics

The easy way to understand solution of finding X in an equation.


System of linear equations


Finding the angles and sides of a shape.


Finding the domain and set-builder notations.

Differential Calculus

Differentiation with application on Chemistry

Integral Calculus

Integration with application on Chemistry


Basic Operation and technique for doing Arithmetic

Basic Geometry

Different shapes in basic Geometry.

Basic Statistics

Finding error, slope and standard deviation.

Pre Algebra

Area and Volumes

Basic Operations

Basic Operation that are seen in Math Problems.


Proper, Improper and Mixed Numbers and Conversion to Decimal


Conversion of Units


Calculating the side and angles of a particular problem involving Geometry.


Decimal and conversion to Percentage

Factors & Multiples

The importance of Factoring in Math


Why does a Chemical Reaction occur in a certain experiment is a good topic to discuss here.


The importance of Law of Conservation of Mass in Matter.

Chemical Substances

The different usage of reagents in the lab.

Periodic Table

The trend and some unique information per group and row you can get from a Periodic Table.

States of Matter

The 5 States of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma and Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Nuclear Chemistry

Balancing nuclear equations.


Finding the potential of an electrochemical set up.

Organic Chemistry

Simple organic reactions in the lab useful for high school student.


The spontaneity of reaction and some important state and path functions.

Chemical Kinetics

The ability to determine the rate law of a particular experiment.

Basics of Matter

Physical and Chemical properties of matter.


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