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Playing badminton, reading and teaching

I can Teach:

Electricity, Optics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Kinematics , Mechanics, Gravitation, Fluid Mechanics , Wave Mechanics, Thermodynamics , Electricity, Magnetism, Earth Sciences , Physical Sciences, Work and Energy

Teaching Experience

I am a passionate, caring and experienced tutor with over 20 years experience in the education sector. I possess a UK Masters degree in Internet Computing and a BEng Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I have a passion for teaching. I am a young, friendly professional with over 20 years experience teaching American and UK students mainly of all abilities and ages. I have extensive experience in teaching one to one and small group sessions. I have experience teaching students who are dyslexic. I am familiar with all major examination boards and provide effective exam techniques/revision during the exam period. I am friendly professional tutor with over 20 years teaching experience. I teach students of all abilities and have a friendly, patient approach. I establish rapport quickly and the students feel very comfortable and at ease with my presence. Students feel the true benefits of my lessons after a few lessons. I have an organised approach and treat each child with the patience they deserve. Being a young professional, I adopt a light hearted unpressurised approach. I am very patient and adopt an approach that will work best for the student. I also do confidence building, remedial and booster revision classes.

My Expertise

  • Electricity
  • Optics
  • Cosmology and Astronomy

Top subjects


I have 20 years experience working on this topic.This includes trigonometry ratios, law of sines and law of cosines and trigonometric identities,etc.

Algebra Basics

I am experienced dealing with simplifying like terms and expressions,etc.


I have expertise in various algebraic topics such as expanding brackets, solving linear and advanced equations, rearranging formula,,etc


This includes various topics on angles.


This includes various topics such as trigonometry, quadratic equations, conic sections, etc


Expertise in various topics such as electricity, energy, forces, mechanics, optics, space, radiation and many more.


This includes expertise in electric circuits, Ohm's Law, electrical calculations,etc


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