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Amos Khamete

Amos K.


Degree @ Kenyatta University Kenya

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Hi! I am Amos and I teach Economics and Accounts. I have been teaching these subjects for a long time now. Started mentoring my classmates and juniors in school and now teaching it online to students around the world. It is a rewarding experience to see students do well in their studies and succeed in their career. That is a big factor that has kept me going as an online teacher all these years. To make things relatable for my students, I connect the theoretical concepts & principles of accounting and economics with my industry experience. My motto is to help students understand the basic principles of accounting and economics so that they can be ready to learn the advanced topics and solve numericals.

I can Teach:

Absolute Advantage, AD-AS Model, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Aggregate Expenditure Model, Anti-Trust Laws, Balance of Payment, Comparative Advantage, Consumer Surplus, Cross Price Elasticity, Demand and Supply, Economic Integration, Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Exchange Rate, Externalities, Fiscal Policy

Teaching Experience

I take each class as an opportunity to help students gain better understanding of accounting & economics. Hence, I prepare in advance for the live sessions and match the content to the students needs. I focus on providing clarity about the methods & the process to solve the numericals. Of course repeated practice is needed to solidify the learnings, so I also give practice questions with my students. Mostly, I like to keep all of my classes light, fun and interactive. That is because I feel that anything that one can study with a relaxed mind is likely to be more effective.

My Expertise

  • Absolute Advantage
  • AD-AS Model
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Top subjects

AD-AS Model

I know rule for preparation as well as methods for preparation

Monetary Policy

I know how to carry out financial statement analysis


  • 5 star

i released the payment ty

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Faith B.

01 Mar, 2023

  • 5 star

really good teacher

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Angad D.

01 Oct, 2022

  • 5 star


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Brad T.

21 Mar, 2021

  • 5 star

great tutor. easy to communicate with

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Koffi N.

31 Aug, 2018

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