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Anand Subramanian

Anand S.


MCA @ Bharathidasan University

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My name is Anand Subramanian, basically from South India. I am 44 years old. I completed my Masters in ComputerApplication in 1998. Why should I be a tutor? To provide high quality, relevant learning opportunities which enable students to maximize their educational, vocational and personal development potential thus facilitating the fulfillment of their aspirations I can give full commitment for my designated profile. I'm a perfectionist and a hard worker. I pay attention to all the details, and like to be sure that everything is just right. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems. I am good in creating, organizing, explaining, finding, fixing, guiding, helping, teaching etc. This enables me to be as productive as possible on the job. I enjoy giving practical activities and arranging group discussions for the students to learn faster. Timing is very precious to me.

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Teaching Experience

I am an MCA(Master of Computer Application) graduated in 1998. I have over 18 years of teaching experience in total in India and abroad. I have taught students of grade 7 until Degree level students for Computer Science. I am presently guiding students who are writing test-prep like SCAT, SAT, ISEE, ACT, AMC etc

My Expertise

Top subjects


I can teach trigonometry - middle level

Algebra Basics

I can teach Algebra basics


I can teach trigonometry - middle level


I can teach Geometry - middle level

Probability and Statistics

I can teach Probability and Statistics - middle level

Linear Algebra

I can teach Linear Algebra


I can teach Arithmetic- middle level

Basic Geometry

I can teach Basic Geometry

Basic Statistics

I can teach Statistics

Pre Algebra

I can teach trigonometry - middle level

Numbers & Patterns

I can teach Numbers and patterns


I can teach Estimation

Basic Operations

I can teach Basic operations


I can teach Fractions


I can teach Measurement


I can teach Geometry - middle level


I can teach Decimal

Factors & Multiples

I can teach Factors and Multiples


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