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M Sc @ Central University of South Bihar Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics @ Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai

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Hi! I’m Aryan and I teach Math.


My interest in math propelled me to study this subject and solve complex questions. The thrill of cracking tedious problems keeps me going. I still study new courses in the field of math to push my limits.


As a teacher, I enjoy all sorts of questions from my students about the subjects and resolve their small and big doubts. It is a pleasure to contribute towards building careers of budding engineers, mathematicians, or simply a student looking to get better grades in their math exam.

I can Teach:

30-60-90-triangles, 3d-Shapes, Absolute-Value, Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Algebra Negative Indices, Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Algebraic-Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Algebric Fractions, Angles, Applied Mathematics, Applied-Math

Teaching Experience

I have a special love for decoding trigonometry formulas for students and getting them clear about the basics. This in turn helps them to see how these formulas are interlinked and they can easily transform trigonometrical identities. Similarly, with algebra and precalculus, I show them how to solve a problem step-wise.


Often in math, there are multiple routes to arrive at a solution. Hence, I set them free to explore. To open them up to mathematical thinking, I use tools like videos, graphs, interactive games, and solving problems together on the whiteboard.


Apart from this, I make sure to revise the syllabus with them and have them take mock tests for brushing up their knowledge one more time.

My Expertise

Top subjects


there are so many formulas that is so difficult for one to memorize. I'm expert in teaching trigonometry from the basic fundamentals so that students can easily see how these formulas are interlinked and one can easily transform trigonometrical identities. At the end, practice is everything.

Algebra Basics

Basic structure of General Linear Group, Special linear group and Projective speciallinear group, Simplicity of Projective special linear group, Bruhat decomposition in generallinear group. Free groups, Generators and relations, Todd Coxeter Algorithm, Semidirect product, Free product of groups, Generalized free products, Presentation of group, Finitely presented group, Central product. Lower and Upper central series, Nilpotent group, $p$-group, Commutator calculus, Characterizations of finite nilpotent group, Fitting theorem, Fitting subgroup, $P$-Hallcriteria for nilpotency, Frattini subgroup, Quaternion group, The Burnside basis theorem,Dedekind groups, Extra special $p$-groups. Groups of order $p^m$, $p^mq$, $p^2q^2$ or $pqr$ are solvable.

Probability and Statistics

Counting, Random variables, distributions, quantiles, mean variance Conditional probability, Bayes' theorem, base rate fallacy Joint distributions, covariance, correlation, independence, Central limit theorem, Bayesian inference with known priors, probability intervals, Conjugate priorsBayesian inference with unknown priors, significance tests and confidence intervals, Resampling methods: bootstrapping, Linear regression, MLE


Set theory, Real numbers: field properties and order properties, representation as points on real line, sup and inf, completeness, rationals and irrationals and their properties, intervals,Sequences and Series, Functions, Integration, ..

Basic Statistics

Use minitab, R or python to explain interpretation and data manipulation.

Discrete Mathematics

Sets & Logic, Mathematical Induction, Equivalence and Validation, Recursive Algorithm , Counting Method & Pigeonhole, Euler & Hamiltonian, Isomorphism, Planar Graph, Network Modelling, Boolean Algebra and Combinatorics, and so on.


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27 Oct, 2021

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