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Ashu Gulia

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Bachelor of Arts @ Kurukshetra University

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Hii I'm Ashu. I teach Economics. As we know economy show all activity of any country. It helps to know how the economy of any country works.

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30-60-90-triangles, 3d-Shapes, Absolute-Value, Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Algebric Fractions, Applied Mathematics, Applied-Math, Area, Area-and-Distance, Area-of-a-Rectangle, Arithmetic

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My teaching style is simple which help students to solve there problems. My teaching style is interactive, simple, transparent.

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Equilibrium of Demand and Supply

Equilibrium of demand and supply is a point where demand curve and supply curve intersect each other.At that point price of any commodity in the market is determined.

Price Elasticity

Price elasticity explain who you'r demand of a commodity changes due to the change in the price of that commodity.

Consumer Surplus

Consumer Surplus is the difference between a consumer is thinking that he have to pay and what he actually pay for any commodity.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

As we consume more and more unit of any commodity then the utility which we get from that commodity goes decreases as we consume more and more unit of that commodity.


Monopoly is a market where only one firm is dominating in the market, and the other firms is contributing with less share in the market like Microsoft, Diamond etc.


Oligopoly is a market in which a small number of firm control the market. Cut-throat competition is found in this kind of market. There are some examples of Oligopoly like Netflix, auto industries.

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition is the kind of market in which there are large number of small exist in the market, and they produce similar product but there is some difference like shape ,colour etc in the product.


Unemployment is a condition when any person want to work but he is not able to find work according to their qualification.


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