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Atasi Mishra

Atasi M.


PhD @ Jain University

About me

Hii My name is Atasi Mishra, Currently I am pursuing my PhD in microbiology. I have 5 years of teaching experience as a Biology tutor. I love to interact with students and help them understand biology easily. Apart from studies I love singing. I used to sing in my college days and won number of awards.

I can Teach:

Anatomy, Animalia, Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology , Ecology, Evolution

Teaching Experience

I have 2 years of teaching experience as a Biology Lecturer and 3 years of experience as a online biology tutor.

My Expertise

  • Anatomy
  • Animalia
  • Basics of Cell Biology

Top subjects

Cell Biology

Cell biology is one of my favourite topic and I would love to teach this to my students.

Living World

Being a Science (Biology) tutor this topic is most important to cover.


As I am pursuing my PhD in microbiology I would definitely want to cover microbiology topic.


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