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Aviral Agrawal

Aviral A.


Bachelor of Engineering @ Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani Minor Finance @ Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

About me

I have done my bachelor's degree B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani which is one of the most reputed universities in India. Coding and tutoring are my two biggest passions. I also have an excellent academic record which shows my dedication, perseverance and hard-work. Apart from academics I am also an avid reader, a swimmer, a badminton player as well as a NGO member. Novels are something that have always fascinated me and have always managed to pull me towards them. Moreover, they are also an indirect source of improving one’s communication and language skills. I always wanted to contribute to the society and, hence, I’ve joined an NGO that works for poor children. They look after their education and well-being. I am in the schooling department and I give as much as I can to my duties in the NGO. I am a teacher there and I just love being amongst students and solving their queries. Working there gives me extreme satisfaction and that satisfaction is also what I am looking for on this platform – to help children and people, in general.

I can Teach:

Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Programming in C, C++

Teaching Experience

I believe acquiring education and knowledge makes a person responsible for also spreading it – always shine bright like a lamp, spreading the light to every corner. I personally feel very happy at the sight of an opportunity to spread the light of knowledge. Hence, I’ve engaged in several tutoring and teaching tasks and activities over the years. In my college, I’ve been the Teaching Assistant for various courses. I’ve played a role in lectures and a key role in the tutorials. Moreover, I’ve also single-handedly managed labs for various courses. I have joined the National Service Scheme, Nirmaan branch of my college where I’m in the schooling department. There we teach poor village students who are financially deprived and don’t have proper access to school education. I’ve also volunteered for various mentoring programmes several times. I also used to stay back in my school for the mentoring programme, helping out the students who were in desperate need of academic help. It is also a common activity for me to help my fellow classmates to clarify the concepts before the exam in the hostel. On several occasions, I’ve also helped some juniors in clarifying several concepts. With the experience that I’ve gained through all these activities, I’ve made an observation that every student is different and one’s teachings need to be adapted to the individual needs of a student.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Programming in Assembly Language

Assembly language for Intel is something that has taken me closer to my computer and has enabled me to understand several concepts of the high-level languages in further depth. I have done a course Microprocessor and Interfacing that has taught me the contents of Assembly Language for Intel. It has provided me with ample exposure to the practices and methods of this field. I have also successfully completed a project on this topic which was a Digital Clock with alarm that utilised 8086 Intel Microprocessor. This project really pushed me to explore the various possibilities in this field and the different approaches that are there. Equipped with proper resources, I can properly guide the students and make sure that they understand each and every concept. Again, examples are an important part of this topic as well and are required for proper understanding of the concepts. I shall provide examples, wherever necessary, and make sure that the concept is clear to the student.

Computer Science (College Advanced)

Computer Science is not just a subject for me, but it’s my passion. I have done my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from one of the most reputed universities in India. Due to my deep interest in the field, I’ve done a lot of projects in the field as well as an Internship also related to machine learning and data analytics. I have done projects and internships in the field of Natural Language Processing, computer vision, software engineering, etc. I’ve also done courses like Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management, Microprocessor, etc. These courses have really helped me gain knowledge in the various fields of Computer Science. I’m also highly active in Competitive Coding. Moreover, I also have knowledge of Android Application Development. I have developed Android Applications for my Universities’ cultural and sports festivals. Since I’m also a student, hence, this gives me the advantage that I know what the present-day students want and I can accordingly provide them the required resources like video lectures, notes, etc. I can then properly tune my teaching according to the needs of the particular student.

Machine Learning

I have used Machine learning concepts extensively in the different projects, internship and other academic activities that I’ve undergone. I have interned with major USA based MNCs and am currently also working in one. There, I have done several projects in the field of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, etc. I used Python, scala, and other libraries like sklearn, numpy, keras, pandas, pyspark, etc. Machine Learning theory is necessary as a starter point, but practical implementation and experience is even more importatnt. My extensive internship and college projects give me an edge in the field of machine learning and help impart both, theory and practical knowledge, to the students. Hence, it must be ensured that a student planning to learn machine learning or some of its concepts, should be given proper guidance and the required material for proper practice.

Accounting: Concepts and Principles

Along with my bachelor’s degree in college, I have also taken up a Finance minor which has given me the opportunity to learn the different aspects involved in finance, from Accounting, to Financial Management, to Derivatives and Risk Management, etc. I have completed all the courses required for obtaining the minor. I have also been the Teaching Assistant in some of the finance courses (after I completed them). My performance in these courses has been very good and I can say without any doubt that I would be properly able to clear the doubts of the students. Moreover, I am fresh with the courses and have all the latest materials which would aid me in teaching the students and make them understand better.


In India huge stress has always been given on becoming a global citizen. For that, one requires the knowledge of English and being fluent in it is a must to communicate effectively with members of the global community. English has now become the perfect medium for such a communication. From the beginning of education in India, the students are taught English as part of the academics. Theoretical and practical approach for the language is always stressed upon. Hence, throughout my school life I’ve studied English. In my college also, I’ve done several courses, including an English minor, that have helped me to excel in English. In school as well as college, I’ve participated in several events such as debates, essay writing competition, anchoring, etc. which has provided me much exposure to several practical applications of theory. I can give them valuable advice that no one else can. I believe that to drive home any concept, one needs to illustrate the concept with examples. And why should English be any different? The various concepts in English can be further consolidated using sentences as examples, giving proper reference material and using devices such as acronyms for better recalling capability.


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