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BE. (Electronics & comm.) @ RGPV university Bhopal

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I like to go on trip and play games.

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I am expert tutor for Math. I have 5+ years online tutoring experience as a higher grade Math tutor. I am also have an experienced Maths Content and assignment developer. Therefore, Online Tutoring is not a new and emerging technology in Education Sector but it has given a chance to students to get in touch with their tutor 24/7 I always try to go through the topic first and believe in giving some extra knowledge to my students. I deliver my lectures with so much energy that brings automatic interest to the subject.

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In trigonometry, first we need to remember three Pythagorean Identity sin^2 x + cos^2 x = 1 1 + tan^2 x = sec^2 x 1 + cot^2 x = csc^2 x By using SOH, CAH, TOH remember relation between trigonometric parameters and ration of sides of right triangle. Student should be remember in which quadrant sin, cos, tan, cot, sec and csc are positive or negative.

Algebra Basics

In addition of subtraction of polynomial equations, we can add or subtract only like terms. Like terms are those terms which have same variable and same exponent.


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Very good session! You helped me a lot. This assignment is due tomorrow and I was scared I wasn't able to finish it in time.

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Mika S.

26 Sep, 2019

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Outstanding. Exactly what I needed.

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Justin R.

14 Apr, 2019

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Raquel V.

13 Apr, 2019

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