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Pursuing Master Degree @ West Bengal State University

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I believe that love for subject comes from freedom. I learnt this quite painfully in my undergrad laboratory while accidentally blowing out my experiment. I believe ideas are born when we are subjected to failure. I have always been a social man, and being so i have developed interest in how beautiful different minds can be towards critical situations. I have wide field of interest spanning from football to political catwalk. Me being still in the academics, have a better version of how self doubt, lack of confidence and distraction takes a toll on our lives. I have seen the wonders of chemistry and i try to inculcate those in my fellow students, i want to show that being different and being boring can also yield wonders out of us. Being the co-author of an ongoing publication project for chemistry, I have every possible idea of how a student can have difficulties in having grip of this subject. I hope that my efforts can bring change in minds and my fellow youngsters and that they can find peace in in whatever they want to be.

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Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics , Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Basics

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Being a master's student in chemical sciences, my teaching experience is quite well built. I have intricately handled a handful of enigmatic but aspiring students in my short span of concept building and I am aware of the various paths taken by the different councils of education in my country. I have quite the aptitude for mindful students throwing doubts at me in a more fashionable manner. I wish to expand my ideas and developments in modern teaching via this online platform.

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  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

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Chemistry is basically the science that deals with energy and its role in our universe. Chemistry is a dynamic subject, it loves to change and deals with whether a system under observation will undergo a change and to what extent. Being an heavily branched subject, it has applications in every possible field of science. From basic organic chemistry to modern molecular medicine, it has revolutionized and brought glory to everyone who believes in it.


matter seems simple right? well it comprises of everything in the universe and is basically very old. The question arises, why this simple thing is so famous? The answer lies in how it reacts when subjected to change. The interaction of matter with energy has diverse effects which can be harnessed to study secrets of our universe. The interaction of matter with electromagnetic waves gave rise to a new branch of science called spectroscopy, which helped us to actually see molecules. So, isn't that interesting?

Periodic Table

The goal of designing the periodic table was to relief us of the pain of memorizing sequence of elements and their physical properties. Ironically we all have at some point of our lives have tried to memorize the table. The table's actual goal was to differentiate the elements according to their chemical properties. It shows how similar group elements react to various reactions is a more systematic way. It gives a hindsight of what types of compound is an element gonna form depending on its position in the table.

States of Matter

Sympathy for those scientists that didn't lived to see the fourth and fifth states of matter. Sympathy for the modern students as they now at some point have to study 2 more states than their solid liquid and gas. Plasma and the Bose-Einstein condensate are the new states of matter to us .

Nuclear Chemistry

This branch of science is very different from the rest. As we know chemical changes occurs due to sharing or giving and taking of electrons, the chemical reactions are limited to the outer orbitals of an atom or ion. Nuclear reactions on the other hand is brought about by transfer of neutrons, which lies inside the nucleus of an atom or ion. The background of the reactions remains the same though and the properties can be defined using simple mathematics.


As the name suggest, electrochemistry deals with reactions which are initiated or assisted by electric current. It has a very widespread scope in industry in the form of metallurgy, electroplating, electrorefining, and separation of minerals from their ores.

Organic Chemistry

Often regarded as the chemistry that saves lives, this branch as the highest number of appointed scientist all over the globe. We are all made up of molecules. Some gigantic as the DNA and proteins and some tiny like sugar. Organic chemistry works day and night to make our lives healthy and improved. This branch mainly gets its ideas from nature and replicates them in a laboratory. the organic chemists are the closest to nature and pure creation. They develop drugs that prevented epidemics, deadly infections and even cancer.

Chemical Kinetics

Kinetics is like a godfather branch that helps us to evaluate and estimate the extent and completion of our reactions. It helps us to visualize quantitatively, how a reaction takes place and guides us through the best way to obtain maximum success by optimizing the reaction condition and gives a primary control over our products.


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